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Watching Boys Spurt

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When I was young my best friend was Sandy. At school we took all the same classes to be together. That's where we first learned about boys spurting. We just had to see it for ourselves.

Then, it wasn't like today with the internet and countless porn to watch. At first we asked Sandy's brother if we could see his. He did show us his penis but he refused to spurt for us. After much pestering he told us what it involved. That's when we learned it was called masturbation.

I still remember the first day I saw a hard penis. Sandy's brother was coming out of the shower walking to his room with a towel on. He saw us and turned away, Sandy quickly pulled his towel off, I only got a glimpse but it was enough to know I had to see more.

In the summer we'd go down to the lake and swim, we girls never went naked but the boys always did. Only not if girls were around. Sandy and I got it into our heads that we'd hide and watch. That way we go to see a lot of penises but never hard. We were dying to see a hard one spurt sperm.

One day there was one boy swimming alone and his friend laying on a towel in the sand. It was perfect, they were in a sheltered cove and thought they couldn't be seen. We took off our suits and walked in on them. Sandy said hi and jumped into the water. I walked in slowly, the boys were just transfixed looking at our pussies.

The boy on the towel got into the water too, I think more to hide his erection. We talked awhile and swam with them. Then we said we had to go so we'd dry off in the sun and go. As we both got out we could just feel the guys staring at us. Neither of them got out of the water. That's when Sandy said not to be embarrassed about their stiffys, all guys got stiffys some time.

The boys were still not coming out but just stood and stared, I think one of them was rubbing his cock. We sat on the towel and turned our backs to them. That did it. They came out and each grabbed his towel. I loved the view more than they did, I still like to see hard cocks. Guys really are beautiful to look at, most of them just don't know it.

They sat down and pretty soon I think they were taken over by the sex urge. Guys get all quiet and complicit. No much talking but their cocks weren't going down and our pussies were well lubricated. Sandy always found it easy to talk to guys, I was a lot shyer. Sandy told them both they had nice penises and shouldn't feel the need to hide them. She said she knew guys had to spurt once in a while or their balls would burst.

Each boy was clearly trying to rub their cock without us noticing.

Finally Sandy said that if they wanted to masturbate that we wouldn't tell anybody, that sometimes we did it too.

One boy then gave his dick some full strokes and the other spit in his hand and got wanking. All I could do was sit and stare. Sandy did some touching, she had one hand on his knee and one in her cunt lips. I wished I could do it too but just couldn't bring myself to. I was transfixed at that cock in front of me. Sandy's guy spurted first, I heard her squeal in delight and looked over just in time to see a few ropes shoot out. I know just what they mean by a rope of come. It looks just like a white thick string in the air.

I went back to looking at my guy and he shot off too. It was wonderful, everything I knew it would be.

The story, I told it fast but really it took months to play out. The guys wanted to meet again and we did do just that. It wasn't long before Sandy was doing a lot more than rubbing her pussy too. I was raised in a strict Japanese family and it was a long time before I could get rid of a bunch of hangups. My husband now is very supportive and has a lot of patience with me.

In college I got a job as a masseuse when I left home. I loved watching cocks spurt sperm. Some of the old guys were best. Some guys shoot out a lot and others just dribble over my fingers. Once I saw a guy shoot come over his own head. I told the boss I spilled oil on the wall.

Guys, keep on pumping that come out. I love to watch you. I almost think sometimes I like that better than sex.



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