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Watching Angela and Christine (4)

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There is a link to an earlier story which has a bearing on this one. This nearly all FF except the last paragraph.


Sometimes Angela and Christine acted out a fantasy. This is about one of the times Angela stayed with her Auntie Jane during university vacations when she was eighteen years old.

As soon as she arrived Angela told her aunt how much she had been thinking about coming to visit her again. She told her how much she longed to feel her touch and the way Aunt Jane excited her beyond belief. She said she couldn't wait any longer.

As soon as Angela's tights were round her ankles Aunt Jane wasted no time. She massaged Angela's pussy through her panties and soon had her groaning and bucking and pushing her swollen sex into the knowing hand. Angela came violently, her whole body shaking as she experienced what she needed right now and had been craving for and fantasizing about for ages. Jane continued by stretching the panties tightly over Angela's clitoris which she now stroked deftly through the silky material. As soon as Angela came again Joan drew the panties up, front and back, so they lay tightly between ass cheeks and labia then jiggled and jerked the material in ways she knew to be desirable from her own experience. Angela was squirming through multiple orgasms.

Now kneeling behind Angela on the sofa Aunt Jane put her right hand inside Angela's panties to feel in a most sensuous way everywhere between the younger girl's legs. Her left hand cupped and squeezed each breast in turn. Her sensitive fingers moved to deeply penetrate the vagina as Angela rubbed and flicked herself vigorously with two fingers to yet more thigh and stomach quivering releases. Now Aunt Jane herself could not hold back. She knelt on cushions on the floor astride Angela's thigh which was straight out from the sofa and humped it vigorously until she came panting then shuddering and then weeping with joy and relief.

Later Angela asked her aunt to show her again some of the ways she liked to masturbate. Now completely naked, she lay on the mattress which was on the floor, her bottom supported on a firm cushion, her head and shoulders on pillows and her thighs open wide. Aunt Jane knelt in front of her and smoothed soft petroleum jelly between Angela's legs from her mound of Venus to the base of her spine.

To begin Aunt Jane stimulated Angela's clitoris with just one fingertip to caress and torment it in lots of delicious ways. Next she used finger and thumb to wank it like a small penis. Later, using her other hand to draw back the hood, she gently touched in lots of magic ways the protruding and sensitive glans. Angela was holding her breath and gasping with pleasure. Whilst still in this position Aunt Jane also stimulated Angela's anus. First she stroked up and down on either side before slowly circling the rim getting closer and closer and finally touching the fluttering whorl. Angela moaned as Jane's middle finger slid smoothly in and out to the first joint, then the second, then all the way. Angela might in time have come from this alone but she couldn't wait. Her own fingers across her clit became a blur and in seconds she was bucking in uncontrollable wild ecstasy. Aunt Jane kept her finger in place and swirled it round within the pulsing sphincter muscles to intensify the thrilling sensation for the younger girl.

From one side she showed to Angela's delight the ways she liked best and often used to frig and finger herself.

Next Aunt Jane, now kneeling behind, showed how she masturbated using one or both hands held flat and pressing firmly as her pelvis thrust or gyrated. She asked Angela to practise these techniques on her aunt who quickly stripped and lay on her back with a cushion under her bottom. Angela straddled her, facing legs. Before she began she reminded her aunt that she was three times as old as her niece and needed to be punished as well as pleasured for her unbridled lust. Aunt Jane's large clit was exposed and stiff in anticipation. Angela placed one hand flat in such a way that the clit was trapped between the second and third fingers. She pressed down firmly and made sure the raised up clit was pressed firmly on both sides. Aunt Jane's pelvic movements alone were sufficient for her clit to slide within its hood and for the glistening glans to move in and out.

After a minute or two Angela increased the pressure by using both hands with forefingers on either side of her aunt's clitoris. Jane's motions increased in urgency and Angela counteracted these precisely keeping her forefingers in position as the older woman came gasping loudly in wave after wave, her thighs and stomach muscles jerking madly. It only needed Angela to press the palm of one hand or both hands together over the sexually charged and thrusting vulva for Aunt Jane to continue to enjoy the exquisite pulsing. Her knees were bent and wide apart with her feet wavering above the mattress.

Eventually she turned over to face the mattress with both hands pressed between her legs. Fingers of one hand were deep within her vagina. The muscles in her buttocks kept clenching as she rode her fingers to orgasmic heights. It was time for smacking to commence. Angela took her time using an open hand. She slapped buttocks and thighs all over. She was herself getting turned on by what she was doing and obviously enjoyed smoothing her hand over the naked flesh. The slaps were a few seconds apart and gradually got harder but Aunt Jane obviously seemed to be enjoying every second. Each time Aunt Jane started to come Angela slapped the buttocks harder still all the time telling Aunt Jane how naughty she was to be doing these lascivious things at her age and with her niece.

Eventually Aunt Jane stood up, produced a cane and bent over a table, feet apart and grasping the far side. For a while Angela massaged and squeezed the rosy cheeks seemingly unsure until Jane asked her to begin caning as she needed and wanted to be punished much more. The first strokes were very light but with Aunt Jane's grunted encouragement Angela became more forceful, laying stripes all over the well-rounded bottom. After twenty strokes she decided it was time for Aunt Jane to be rewarded.

The position of Aunt Jane gave Angela unhindered access to places of pleasure. Sometimes Angela used only her two pointer fingers, pumping them side by side or twisting them round in two tight contracting holes. At other times with her left hand she rubbed the engorged clit and with her right hand she fingered the vagina or anus or both together. Soon Aunt Jane, her hips gyrating gratefully as she rode the hands, was at first groaning then gasping and finally screaming her deliverance. Angela punished her once more. Keeping her left hand to press and squeeze the clitoris she applied the cane again in short back-hand strokes. This did nothing to quell Aunt Jane's jerking and clenching buttocks as they sought relief again and again within her aching loins.

Angela beckoned me to stand close behind the now flushed bottom of the spread-eagled Aunt Jane. Before I knew it her slim fingers had circled my throbbing penis. Her tantalizing strokes over the swollen purple knob, where she wanted it close to the quivering cheeks, were electrifying. (Part here has been left to the imagination!) As I ejaculated the bodies of all three of us were tight one behind the other.



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