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Watching Angela and Christine (3)

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At the start of a masturbation session Angela and Christine would spend time kissing and touching each other all over, feeling breasts, thighs, buttocks and sliding hands between legs. Their glowing bodies would be clinging or sliding together, facing, spooning, head to toe or scissoring. The room they used was arranged with a sofa close to a wall and a double mattress with fitted sheets on the floor. There were cushions and pillows everywhere.

On the edge of the sofa the two women could position themselves so that both could could easily squeeze one of the other's glistening thighs between their own thighs for maximum pressure of firm flesh against aching hard clits. Their synchronized pelvic motion brought profound and mutual relief. This scene of two naked mature women, their writhing bodies intertwined was to me the most beautiful and erotic thing imaginable.

Christine's thighs were white, full and silky smooth, they were soft and fleshy on the inside, bulging out all round towards the top. Angela's were tanned and more muscular yet a beautiful tapered shape spreading wide at the top with clear space below the groin.

On the mattress the two women took their time humping and tribbing in ways they had perfected over many months, and now years, of mutual masturbation. They moved smoothly from one position to another. Sometimes one was thrusting her clit against a thigh or buttock. At other times they were both positioned to press and rub their vulvas against thighs simultaneously. They also adopted positions where their crotches were interlocked in fervent and wanton motion. They could also position themselves so that their clits were rubbing together. They paced themselves to achieve multiple orgasms either taking turns or simultaneously with their bodies thrusting, slapping and shaking together in lustful rapture.

In more detail, for example, I watched Angela mount Christine's left thigh and lift her right leg up nearly vertical, clutching it to her as she used her hips and muscles to thrust her vulva into the top of the thigh she was riding. Angela was able to thrust at speed, her muscles in spasm, and induce a climax in less than a minute. Next she was on her back with a cushion under her bum, knees bent and her thighs spread wide. I could see her smooth wet lips and protruding clitoris. Christine knelt over, her legs crossing Angela's at an angle, and positioned herself so their pussies were touching. Angela had one hand on Christine's bottom and the other over her back. Christine moved her hips slowly at first and rhythmically. Angela responded just enough so their movements were synchronised. Their breathing seemed shallow and I knew their swollen clits and vaginas were sliding over each other, the pleasure was getting intense.

I have written before about how Christine when she was quite young had a guilty secret habit of making herself cum lying face down in the bed she shared with her sister. She pressed her pussy into the lumpy mattress and developed a fast twitching movement of her bottom which gave her this wonderful feeling whilst trying not to disturb her sister. She still enjoys masturbating this way but with something within her outer labia and I like to feel the movements she makes. She can quiver, even vibrate, her bottom quite easily and she did this now with the two vulvas pressing together.

The two women were panting then wailing then screaming as they both came in waves of uncontrollable pleasure, their bodies jerking and shaking. After each short pause they climaxed again and again. They were weeping with joy and their bodies shining with perspiration. Still insatiable they returned to the sofa making use if the seat, cushions, backrest, arms and floor they rolled around legs tightly interlocked, hands everywhere, kissing, squeezing, writhing through countless more shuddering orgasms.

When I masturbate myself I mostly use and really enjoy a rhythm which increases in speed and duration with long pauses after few strokes to split-second pauses after fast stroking for several seconds. The pauses give extra pleasure as penis and muscles relax and throb. It helps to put the hand I'm not using to masturbate between my legs and sometimes put the tip of one finger in the hole to feel the dramatic effect on those ring muscles. I might start with just two strokes then pause over and over say ten times, then increase gradually up to six steady strokes and pause. Next I might stroke fast for two seconds then pause several times over then stroke for three, four, five and up to six seconds several times. I get four strokes per second and increase up to six. The pauses get shorter and shorter until I want or need to come. Then I don't stop until the last split second before ejaculating.

Christine knows so well how to give pleasure. I can also see they both stop rubbing themselves for split seconds just before orgasm. During orgasm they briefly rub and pause to intensify each spasm. The story by Deborah in 2005 (No. 13740) first got me thinking about speed. I hope she is still masturbating every night before she sleeps making it now for 52 years and 19,000 times. Wonderful!

This is about one very special time. I was standing naked with Christine on my left side wanking me with her left hand. She had worked up to a four-second fast stroke with me just holding off. Angela who had been watching closely came up to my right side to join in. This was the first time she had touched me in a sexual way. Christine now released her grip instead of pausing and Angela using her right hand jerked me for four seconds then let go. Like Christine she used her thumb and pointer finger to circle the foreskin over the middle of my glans and pumped so the hard purple head jumped out and back and with each movement the squeezed foreskin pulsed over the engorged and supersensitive corona. They continued several times this way taking turns and making me ache and throb exquisitely. Angela had longer and thinner fingers and made a slightly tighter ring. I shot my load with Angela pumping my penis with her fist in shot bursts and with Christine having her hand between my legs. My hands were clutching two firm round bottoms. It was amazing to say the least!



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