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Watching Angela and Christine (2)

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As soon as they removed their clothes they eagerly embraced, kissing sensuously, their hands feverishly exploring the body of the other. They continued to embrace with their hands intimately sliding and massaging between the legs of their friend. Before long they were sitting side by side on the sofa, turned slightly towards each other, their outer legs raised. They began to mutually masturbate. Their fingers appearing to move as one, slowing down and speeding up, even stopping. They were telling each other what they wanted, what they liked, what they needed and when they were getting near. They timed their first orgasm beautifully, holding their breath, rubbing hard and fast then exploding, screaming and shuddering together. Then they faced each other watching each other masturbate themselves.

After that they pleasured each other for about an hour. As each in turn lay stretched out on pillows and cushions, the other knew from experience how to give ultimate pleasure kissing, massaging, rubbing, penetrating and vibrating in so many imaginative ways, helping each other climax over and over again and being thrilled themselves by what they were doing. For me it was joy beyond belief to see closeup their bodies convulsing in sexual euphoria, their legs shaking, stretching out or bucking, or their quivering thighs drawn back and stomach muscles contracting, and to hear them groan, gasp and cry out in their beautiful agony.

When the one giving pleasure lay or knelt either alongside she kissed lips, breasts, belly and thighs. She slowly massaged breasts with one hand and vulva with the other. She squeezed and rolled nipples. She vibrated the clit with one finger before rubbing it up and down or circling it with two or three fingers. When the other was going to cum she circled the palms of her hands on breast and clit slowly at first then faster. Soon hips were thrusting upwards until the whole body was shuddering and spasming in wave after wave, gasping and grunting, with the power of each orgasm.

When one was kneeling between naked thighs which had been elevated on cushions she kissed, licked, stroked and massaged inner thighs, belly and perineum. She rubbed the clit from side to side, circled it, patted or slapped it, moved the hood up and down and touched the glans. She finger fucked the vagina with two, three, four fingers and the anus with one finger. When the other was in thrusting and quivering in ecstasy she pressed an open hand over vulva and lower belly and kept a finger or maybe two within the anus to increase the sensation of sphincter muscle contraction.

Christine liked to relieve me in another way than by hand. She lay flat on her tummy, with a rolled up handkerchief within her labia, for me to slip my now aching and throbbing cock between the plump cheeks of her smooth white bottom. I slid the head of my penis slowly within the deep slippery cleft, gliding it smoothly back and forth over her twitching asshole. With her cheeks tightening and relaxing and then me squeezing them, I could not long hold back from copious and breathtaking release between her hot jiggling buttocks. Christine came again from her movement at the same time or straight afterwards. Angela was watching in an armchair, legs apart and forefingers pressed flat on either side of her red swollen clitoris, working the hood up and down to yet another electrifying orgasm.



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