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Watching a Woman Secretly

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Watching a woman secretly
I am a German male, 45 years old. My main erotic interest is MASTURBATION with all its aspects. The following story is absolutely true. I am interested in SWAPPING this kind of story, even simple, little experiences, if they are only REAL. To read fake stories I could buy cheap books. I have 3 other reports, received from former penpals.. My e-mail-address is MeaM. My apology in advance for grammatical mistakes.
A lot of years ago my voyeuristic preference for masturbation brought me to an advertisement in a sex contact magazine. The text was approximately: "Who knows an opportunity to watch a woman SECRETLY who is masturbating? I will pay a good money."
Of course I had to limit the whole thing in my geographic area. I did not believe in a success. Who has such an opportunity at all? And I can say today that only my first advertisement of this kind had a positive echo.
This first advertisement brought a message from a guy called Juergen, living in a city about 100 miles from here. He even sent me a photo of his wife Baerbel, a woman in the fourties, slim, dark blond, a typical German beauty, and this might be not the worst thing. I wrote him back very skeptically: Can it be true, a secret opportunity? He phoned me and said yes, yes, you may believe me. We agreed upon 200,- Deutsche Mark which he told to need urgently for financing their new house.
I went there by car in a dark winter evening, the meeting point was a parking area even darker. Mixed emotions within me, that certain feeling of being in an adventure movie.
Juergen, a small man, rather likable, arrived and said immediately: "We must hurry, maybe she is already starting. I have told her that I would go to an ice hockey match. I have left a porno video tape by her and told her that she could make herself already horny for my comeback later." We both ran through a suburban settlement and entered his garden from a back door. Prowling onto a terrace. The terrace door and window were covered by stable window shades with pulling ribbons on the sides which ran through little holes. You could peep through these holes with one eye rather comfortably. Juergen had discovered this opportunity by accident, he told me.
The woman who you could see in the living room inside was really attractive anyway. She lay on a sofa that stood to the left wall, and she looked nearly to our direction. Just on the left, at the font wall, beside the door or window was the TV to which she looked. She lay there still quiet for a time, nothing seemed to happen. The whole evening? She even took a blanket and seemed to fall asleep so that Juergen began to worry already. Indeed it was very cold that night. (Actually I went there vainly two or three times later on.)
But then she decided to catch the opportunity of the rented video tape. She rushed to the bath room and came back with some paper handkerchieves. She put off her panties and wore some negligè only now. She still covered the upper half of her body with the blanket. She spread her legs very wide from the absolute beginning, put one foot on the table. She MUST spread her legs very wide because of her own frigging style we could see in the next minutes. We had a nearly ideal glance between her legs, about 4 meters (don't know the U.S. feet) for me. Juergen whispered to me that he LOVED this situation because here he had the showtime without any fake show action - which she even used to make when he was present to her. Here she started her intensive masturbation to the point without any foreplay. She wanted to have her own fun and not the fun of any spectators. She wanted to approach to her orgasm immediately, but, as we could see after some time, only approach, and then fight some of those grand, horny fights against it. Who does not know these wonderful struggles.
This is the thing which I love while watching women masturbating- their own, personal "routine." Baerbel had some, maybe, rather rare style, she had some - let me call it - flutter technique. Her very pink pussy was wide open. She put her middle finger (third finger) on her clitoris and fluttered with the whole clit from one side to the other. A very quick motion, maybe 6 "circles" each second. I suppose you can make this motion with your own hand easily to imagine Baerbelâ??s. Relax your hand in the joint - do you notice the automatically fast speed? I love to imagine how Baerbelâ??s clitoris had got used to this technique during, maybe, thousands of times before. - Baerbel used this quick motion only for some seconds every time (but the phases of the quick motion became longer). Between these phases she made pauses of slow playing. Maybe 30 seconds quick, then 30 seconds slow. During the quick phases now she began to gasp for breath like a fish (of course we could not hear anything). Her eyes, very staring before, got closed now. A couple of times you could see that she stopped very dangerously close to the orgasm. There seemed to have arrived some white slime in her pussy now (Juergen said, yes, it is). Now she came to her great final. A very long, quick and intensive rubbing phase now began. Maybe 1 minute without interruption. Stretching of her body, then some convulsions of her legs, wide open and close several times. Then complete closing of her legs. Finish, relaxation, still hard breathing.
Then she took a handkerchief between the legs, raised suddenly, and ran to the bathroom again. It looked like a duck because of the handkerchief between the legs. She was in a hurry because she thought Juergen could arrive every moment. She arrived in the room again and removed all signs of her doing immediately.
I went there several times after this first adventure. She used also a small vibrator sometimes, but did not fuck it into her vagina. This is another little proof that the whole thing was not fake, I suppose. There are some more proofs for me, but this is not the place to discuss them.



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