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Watching a Stranger in His Car

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What started my obsession with men jacking off


In junior high school I would always walk home with two of my girlfriends. One time we passed a man sitting in a car and he called out to us asking for directions. We all approached the car and the next thing I knew my friends were giggling and screaming and running away.

I ran and followed them and asked what he said. They said 'didn't you see what he was doing?' I said no, what? They said he was jacking off! I couldn't believe it and I was secretly disappointed that I was the only one who didn't get to see. I was a very horny teenager, at least for a girl I thought, I masturbated daily or at least five times a week, but my friends attitude towards anything sexual seemed to be that of disgust. So I thought I was the only female who did it, and that only guys did it.

We talked about it a little more, and they were saying things like 'what a perv' etc. But then the subject was dropped and we went to our homes. I was fascinated with this episode and fantasized often about it happening again.

A few months later we were walking home from school and there he was again, his car, half a block up but on the other side of the street. I quickly made up an excuse that I had forgot a book in my locker and had to go back to school to get it. We said our goodbyes and that we would see each other in the morning. You probably have already guessed what I was planning.

I walked back towards school glancing back over my shoulder until my friends finally turned the corner and were out of sight. I crossed the street to the side he was on and walked towards his car. My heart was pounding with excitement, hoping I would get to his car and he would call me over and I would get to see him doing it.

As I got closer to his car he must have been watching me approach in the rear view mirror, because he turned around and waved at me. I was scared and excited at the same time, and walked with my head facing forward but my eyes were looking sideways towards his car. When I got near the window he called out 'hi, can you help me for a minute?' I walked to about six feet of his car and bent down to look in his window and talk with him.

He had a map book on his lap and I couldn't see a thing! I was so disappointed, I wanted to see a big hard dick! I was pretty naive back then and thought maybe he wasn't jacking off at all last time and my friends were just kidding me. I leaned over and said hi and he asked if I could help him find a particular street, that he was trying to find the house of an old friend of his but he didn't know the area. He asked if I knew the area and I said yes, I grew up here. He said some thing like you sure are pretty and thanked me for stopping. He was a kind of good looking older male, about thirtyish as I recall.

Then he turned his map book over and I saw that his cock was definitely out of his pants and it was hard. But he acted like I didn't see anything and so did I. He was pointing to the map book in his lap and asking if he was here or there on the map. I said I can't really tell. He said well come over here to the other window, then he said in a sad kind of way, I promise I don't mean you any harm, but it would really make my day if I could get a little help from a beautiful girl such as you.

I knew I probably shouldn't be getting any closer to his car, my mom always warned me about situations like this, but I just couldn't help it, my horny little mind wanted to see that hard dick so bad. I figured I might be able to sneak another peek up close and if anything started to happen, like if he got out of his car or tried to grab me or anything I would run like hell, I was a pretty fast runner I thought.

I walked around to the drivers side. He was pointing on the map to the street where he thought he was at and asking if that was right. But his other hand was under the map and I could see his arm moving. He said gosh you smell so good is this the right street, always changing the subject really fast after a compliment. I was trying to look at the map but I was so distracted by his hand under the map. It looked like the same street but the cross streets were all different. I said I think you are looking at the wrong part of the map, go to the next page. He thanked me again for helping him and commented how nice it was to be having an intelligent conversation with a beautiful young woman like me. Of course I was flattered beyond all belief, my heart was racing, not only was I speaking with a man who was secretly jacking off in my presence but here was a good looking older guy showing interest in me.

A surge of boldness suddenly took over me, it was not like me to do or say anything like this, I was normally the shy quiet type. But I said, 'I know what you are doing there under your map, why are you hiding it from me?' He laughed nervously and said 'I didn't want to scare you away, I was enjoying your company so much, and I don't want to get in trouble'. I said 'I won't tell anyone as long as you don't try to touch me'. he said 'really, are you sure, you really want to see?' I said yes I want to see, and confessed to him I was one of the three girls that went running off a few weeks ago. Then HE confessed he knew that I was one of the girls, AND that he had seen me walking with them and going back towards school, then crossing the street to his side. I was mortified now, he must be thinking I was a horny little voyeur, which I was!

He pulled the map book off his lap and there it was, his huge boner sticking straight up out of his pants. He said as he stroked it, 'I just need to rub it sometimes, I cant help it'. I didn't say anything and just watched him squeezing and pulling it, slow at first and then he sped up. 'I'm going to cum' he said and pointed it into his left hand and squirted gobs and gobs of cum into his left hand as it cupped the end of his cock.

He grabbed a towel from the seat and wiped his hands and was saying stuff like 'I am sooo sorry, please, please, please, don't tell anyone'. I never did until now. But I thought about it many, many times.

That was the beginning of my life-long obsession with watching men jacking off.



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