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A few years back I was on holiday with a boyfriend in Greece. It was early on in the relationship and we weren't serious. We fucked a lot and, whilst I enjoyed this and had some great fun, he never really pushed all my buttons.
We were at a really idyllic 'old' area of Greece and our holiday was out of season so the beaches were so quiet.
One morning we were down on the beach early to get the best spot. There were a few others already but it was really isolated and beautiful. We found a great spot and settled down to enjoy the sun. My boyfriend fell asleep and I was reading. A young couple arrived on the beach. They were quite near to where we were lying but I don't think they saw us. I think they were local. He was dark skinned, strong looking and hairy. She was tiny and very shapely slightly paler than him. She was wearing a black, tight bikini, which accentuated her wonderful shape. He was wearing white, tight shorts.
I must have dozed off for a bit but when I awoke they were play fighting. The girl gave him a real thump and he grabbed her and turned her upside down, his head between her thighs. She was squeezing his head tightly and they were both laughing. He threw her down on the towels and he stood above her. She pointed at his shorts. He opened out his arms to display himself. He was aroused and he seemed substantial even from where I was sitting. The girl playfully grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled him in close. She pressed her mouth against him, caressing him with her lips through the fabric of the shorts. He was stroking her head with both hands and was almost gasping with even the slightest touch. She slid the waistband down over his cock and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. She slid it slowly back and forth only an inch or two and he was squirming.
I don't know what was affecting me most the sight of his fantastic body or the sexy technique of the girl but my body was restless. I never feel any excitement about my breasts but lying topless in the sun I was suddenly aware of a new sensation. My cunt was oozing excitement and my clitoris was throbbing in short quick spasms that I was desperate to hold onto in almost agonising pleasure. I was afraid to touch myself between my legs, as I couldn't trust myself to be discrete.
She starting to lengthen her strokes slightly and push him a little deeper. He started to lose it making noises and pleading with her. I could see she was smiling and teasing him. She suddenly stopped and pulled him down on the sand and sat across his belly and started kissing him hard. His cock was still erect and in spasm.
The thought of her kissing him with his taste on her lips had me reaching down. I rolled onto my front and pressed my fingers inside my costume. I was wet and already feeling flushed but I concentrated entirely on trying to be gentle and unrushed. Carefully I slipped my fingers around my clitoris, only touching it briefly. My whole body was shaking.
She slid down his belly and took his cock inside her. She played around with him a little. He almost looked distressed. Then she started fucking him really hard. She looked over and saw me watching.
By this time I had lost control and was rubbing myself really fast. When she caught my eye I had already come but I couldn't stop I just kept going. This seemed to turn her on as well.
She quickened her pace and soon her boyfriend was coming and shaking around on the ground. She kept rubbing herself hard against him him but she was looking at me.
I came again, this time I almost fainted and felt exhausted. I kept watching till eventually I could see the girl's face tighten for the first time then she relaxed. Nimbly she turned around and put her cunt near his lips. He licked and kissed her gently whilst she took his relaxed cock in her mouth and brought it half back to life. Then she lay beside him and kissed him gently in the mouth.
I felt entirely sexually complete for maybe the first time. I had never enjoyed anything as much. I fell asleep.
My boyfriend woke me and asked if I was going to swim. I said in a while. He ran down to the sea. The girl's boyfriend was down at the water as well. She waved to me and I waved back. As soon as I saw her alone I wanted to go over and tell her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to kiss her magic lips. I made an excuse to myself that I needed to go for a pee behind the bushes near where she was sitting. When I was near her she said cheekily 'I saw you.' I must have flushed bright red. She said I shouldn't be embarrassed, as she had enjoyed it. I went up really close to her and could smell an intoxicating perfume from her that made me aroused again. She put her fingers to her lips and said 'Sshh!'



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