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This happened while on vacation a few years back. I was 35 at the time.

My wife had booked a morning yoga class so I let her go & stayed back at the room to relax before she came back so we could start our day. Funny thing was she opted out of sex that morning saying she did not want to be all swollen & wet during yoga. As she walked out she gave me a kiss & joked about how I'll be working out too. She was referring to me masturbating.

From our balcony I had a slight view of two other balconies off rooms below & ahead of ours on a slight angle. Trees shaded most of the view except for when I was laying down on the lounge I could see under the tree limbs.

I'd just made a coffee for myself & laid out to relax for the hours wait until my wife returned. My cock was ready & in need of release but I was waiting for my wife to return for some good morning sex so jerking was not the option that morning.

I looked over & saw a young man with his right shoulder to me off one of the balconies in my view. He was stark naked laying back on his lounge chair. I knew right away he must have been alone. His hand was stroking up & down his cock, him thinking he was in complete privacy.

I knew who he was, from talking to him and his parents a few times at the resort. The young man was there with his parents on vacation & never appeared too excited about it when we talked the few times before. He had just turned 20 & his parents thought the vacation would be a nice thing to do together.

From what I could see he was having fun all by himself. I watched for only seconds then I realized my cock was stiffening up fast. I had a full out rock hard erection in no time at all. I felt a bit weird but I could not stop watching him.

I reached for my sunglasses & kept my head turned to watch. His balcony was not shaded from the sun. He was facing the sun with his head back. He had one foot on either side of the chair with his balls & cock facing the sun.

He stopped for a moment & sat up. He reached out & took a bottle of what may have been sunscreen & squirted it into his hand. Then the long hard strokes began.

Now I was feeling even more weird but more turned on. It was so strange! I'm not into guys at all. I think what made it so interesting was the fact that he reminded me of myself at that age. Tall thin, girls on my mind all the time, jerking off all the time & no pressure from life. He had a good long dong too & was enjoying it to the max.

I watched for a minute or so longer & then I told myself I was going to do the same thing while I watched him. I had about a half an hour more to wait before my wife came back.

I didn't want to make any noise opening the screen slider but I wanted lube just like he had. I had nothing so I opted for good old dry foreskin moving up & down. I prefer lube having a tight foreskin. I can only move my foreskin up to the under side of my cock's head then it has reached it's peak. It feels so much better when I'm lubed & my entire hand runs the full length of my shaft.

So there I was watching this young man give himself a fantastic treat while I slowly ran my foreskin up & down like I did when I was about his age. It brought back memories & I felt like a 20 year old myself. After about 5 minutes of watching & jerking myself, I could tell by the movement of his body that I was about to watch him come. His hips started to move just a bit & he pushed his cock out toward the sky. His head lifted off the lounge then his strokes got short. Then I watched his body jerk & I could just barely see the jets of come squirt up & fall back onto his hand. His body was jerking & he looked almost like he was attempting to do a sit-up each time his body shot a new load into the air. His orgasm lasted like most I suppose, then he slumped back in the lounger holding his still hard sperm covered cock. He laid there & started giving his cock short strokes below the head. It was so good to watch. Then he dropped his cock & it laid back on his body still hard & long.

I had all I could take & I shot my own good load right there. It was one of the most enjoyable times I can remember jerking off. I locked my eyes on his still hard cock & shot off hard. To this day I still feel a bit weird about it but it was so good to be a part of.

I wish he could have seen me & enjoyed it too but me may have ran & hid himself. It was a free show for me & I enjoyed it so much. It kind of reminded me of jerking with friends long ago too. Those were good fun times. Nobody was offended & we enjoyed watching each other stroke his cock. It was always the height of the event when one of us shot our load. We always made sure to watch the other guy & not miss a single squirt. No harm, just fun.



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