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I'm a married woman who recently had an experience I wanted to share with this site. One of my best friends is a guy a couple of years younger than me. We've been there for each other during some hard times. I was there for him during his divorce. He's been there for me, during my miserable marriage. I just don't have the courage to leave my husband. We used to work together, but then I left the company for another job and we stayed friends. However, we don't get to see as much of each other as we used to. We do talk on the phone quite a lot.

We have never had sex, although there is a definite sexual chemistry between us. I just have not given him any indication that I would want to have sex with him, and he's never pushed the issue.

For the past seven years. I've know that Carl was a frequent masturbator. He used to joke about it once in a while. Then I got the sense that he did it a lot. When he first left his wife, I would call him and hear porn videos on in the background. Sometimes I'd stop by his apartment and he'd have a porn video on. I would notice a hard-on under his pants suggesting that he just interrupted his activity when he heard me coming up the stairs to his apartment.

He then became less shy about it and would often tell me he was jerking off when I spoke with him. If I had an opportunity when I was not with my husband, sometimes I'd call him from the car to see if he was home so that I could visit him. He often tells me that he's in the middle of a session. I usually tell him to finish up before I get there. And usually he does.

Many of our conversations are about masturbating. He told me about this site, and how he likes to jerk off reading these stories. One day we even read some together on the phone. I believe he is obsessed about masturbating. He is always doing it when I call him.

The other day, I decided to surprise him and stopped by without calling. I pulled up in front of his apartment. He had just moved to a new patio type apartment that had less privacy. I walked around to the back and peaked through the blinds. I could see him sitting in a chair playing with himself. I walked around to the front and called him from my car and told him I was at his apartment. He responded by telling me that he was doing it, but that I should feel free to come in.

In all the years I've known him, I had never seen his penis before and I was really interested. So I walked to the front door and went right in. He was facing away from the front door and there was a nasty porn scene on his large screen TV. As I closed the door, he stood up and turned around, and there he was stroking away on a pretty large penis. I would guess it was seven inches, much larger than my husband. I stared at it for a while and he told me to come in. It was strange, but I walked over to him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. I leaned over careful not to touch any part of his penis or hands.

Carl told me to sit with him. He told me that he'd been doing this for a while and would be finishing in a minute or so. He said that me being there would make it go fast. I sat on the chair facing him and watched as his hand flew up and down. In about thirty seconds, I noticed his breathing get heavier and then he tensed up and shot a huge load all the way up to his face, neck and chest. He looked at me and smiled as the cum dripped off his cheek and chin and rolled down his chest.

I was really turned on but was so afraid to do anything. Carl had a box of tissues handy and started to wipe the cum off his hands and stomach and chest. He got a couple of clean ones to clean his face. He then reached down and pulled his pants up. But he left the movie on.

He told me that he would likely have to do it again shortly so he wanted to leave the movie on. I was amazed.

We talked for a while about his habits and he told me that he had not jerked off in three days because he thought he might have a date that night. But when the girl called to cancel the date, he decided to relieve himself. He told me that he rarely went a day without jerking off and on weekends, usually did it several times a day. He told me that one Saturday he jerked off six times.

As we chatted for about ten minutes, he told me that he had another hard on and would need to jerk off again. He stood up, pulled his pants down and his boner sprung free. I watched him sit down and have another session. He came in about five minutes. Again, he mentioned that me being there really turned him on.

We talked for a while and then I had to leave. I told him that I would stop by again some time. He told me anytime, and especially when he was doing it.

I left and went right home. I was so happy that my husband was out with the kids and went upstairs and got out my vibrator and pleasured myself for at least an hour.

I now pleasure myself whenever I can, without any guilt. Thanks to Carl.



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