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Watched My Neighbors

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It was the week before Christmas and I was fifteen. My father was a career navy man and his ship was at sea. My mom and sister and I lived in a big house in a west coast navy town. Our back yard and the next door neighbor's were the only ones fenced in. We had a small shed on the corner of the property where the common fence between our yards met the back property fence. I used to slip down there at night after dinner and smoke a cigarette or two.
This night I was smoking my first cigarette when the neighbor's car pulled into the driveway. It was about seven thirty and quite dark. I could hear the neighbor and his wife talking and laughing rather drunkenly while they walked around the car to their front door. Shortly after they went in, I heard the door open again and running feet coming around to the back yard. It was Janice, my friend's fourteen year old sister. She had been babysitting apparently. She ran right to the dining room window and peered in. She stood for a few minutes then backed away from the window a few feet and slipped her underpants down and stepped out of them. The short skirt she was wearing made it easy for what she did next. She moved back to peer into the window again and tucked her hand under her skirt and into her crotch. She was fingering herself, I could tell by the light thrown onto to her from inside the house.
I quietly walked over to the gate between our yards and opened it. I was very thankful that I kept the hinges well oiled at dad's urging. I didn't close the gate in case I had to escape quickly back to my own yard. I crept up behind Janice, who was intent on watching something inside the house. When I was within reach I touched her right shoulder. She nearly jumped out of her skin but did so without screaming. I whispered to her. "What are you looking at?"
She pointed at the window and said. "They're fucking. Look!"
I walked around her and peered in. Right on the floor in the dining room, by the light of the Christmas tree, my neighbor and his wife were having at it. She was on her knees and he was entering her from the rear. I could see his bare ass bobbing in and out as he flogged her cunt like a mad dog. His hands were kneading her tits as if they were loaves of uncooked bread. My cock grew hard immediately. I glanced sideways at Janice and she was still fingering herself, so I pulled out my cock and started to masturbate also. I was just about to let fly my load of white love juice when the man fucking his wife howled like a banshee and collapsed on the floor. His cock was sliding around on his stomach and leaving a cum trail as it slid along. She stood up. Her big, big saggy tits were red from his manhandling. The nipples were hard and pointed and were just slightly darker than the large areolas surrounding them. The pussy had big puffy lips and was covered completely with black curly hair and looked so inviting. She straddled his face and strained a bit. White stringy cum dropped down into his waiting mouth. I couldn't hold off any longer and blew my nuts. The cum flew onto the side of their house. Janice squirmed and wiggled and finally orgasmed too! Without another word between us, she picked up her undies and we parted. She to her house across the street and me to my shed for a cigarette.

[Webmaster's Note: Don't smoke. Smoking is gross, not sexy. Here is a list I found of Ten Reasons Not to Smoke. Also, the American Lung Association has a free smoking cessation program. If you want to hear about why I'm so opposed to smoking, contact me.]



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