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Watched by the Neighbour

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It was a friday night and I got home from the bar around 2am. I had a few drinks so I was feeling pretty tipsy. I live in a new subdivision so when the taxi dropped me off infront of my house, I noticed the neighbours lights were on and since very few people have blinds over the window, you could easily see what's going on inside.

I made my way into the house and went upstairs into the computer room which is located at the front of the house. The computer room was directly across from the neighbours room which had the light on but I couldn't see anyone there.

Feeling horny, I already was touching my dick from the outside of my jeans so I grabbed my binoculars which I keep handy to spy on people at night. The neighbour across the street, I would say she is about 50, dark short hair and a little heavy set. I've never seen a man with her or a family so I think she is single. I've never really gotten a close look at her face but she looks eastern european, maybe Polish.

I sat in the dark with the binoculars looking into her room which was probably 100ft away if that. I could see there was a tv on and there was an ironing board out with a laundry basket. Suddenly she walked into the room and she was carrying more clothes. She dropped them on the floor and picked up a shirt and put it on the ironing board. She started ironing the shirt while she was facing the window. They are pretty big windows at the front of the house so I could see from her waist up that she was wearing some sort of nighty or one piece slip I guess to sleep in. I couldn't really tell as it wasn't form fitting but it appeared she had really large boobs under it as she was a full size woman. I watched her as she ironed the clothes, I felt horny spying on someone so I eventually dropped my jeans around my ankles as I sat in the dark playing with my now hard dick. Every now and again I would notice she would take a brake from ironing and look out the window for a few moments like she knew I was watching yet there was no way she could see me as my room was dark.

I noticed she kept looking out the window so I decided to test her, give her a show to see how she would react. Being a bit drunk I reasoned that since she was single, maybe she wanted to see a cock since she hasn't seen one in awhile. I turned on a desk light I had in the room which didn't completely light up the room but enough to see someone inside. I went to the bathroom, completly undressed and grabbed a towel. I was going to pretend I just got out of the shower and was drying myself off.

I walked into the computer room, cock completly hard with excitment and the towel around my shoulders. I stood a few feet by the window and turned sideways so she would be able to see my 7 inch cock sticking straight out from my body. I pretended to be looking for something on the computer desk as I looked over at her waiting for her to see. Since I was no longer holding the binoculars I could really see what she was up to but I could still make out the she was looking down and not across the street. I started touching my dick, gently stroking it as I watched her iron. Suddenly she looked up, I pretended now to dry off so I took the towel and started 'dry off', I didn't want to stare at her to scare her off so I still looked to the side. I then pretended to dry my hair so I covered my head and face with the towel and faked a drying motion leaving a little crack between the towel so I could look across the street. I noticed she was standing right by her window and she appeared to looking directly at me. I stopped drying my hair and looked to the side again as I pretended to dry my back so I arched myself so she can really get a good look at my cock.

I glanced over again and noticed her room light was off. Shit, I thought I scared her away. I kept looking at the room and noticed she was in the room still moving about so I grabbed my binoculars from the floor and left the computer room and went to the spare room beside it. The spare room had a smaller window but it still looked out at the front of the house. The room was dark so I looked through my binoculars at her window and to my surpise she was right at her window with binoculars of her own looking into my room which still had a light on. Her tv was still on behind her so there was a little bit of light which gave away her silohuette. I was ready to shoot a load now knowing she wanted to watch me naked and I couldn't believe she shut her room light off as she apparently enjoyed spying on people like I do.

I left the binoculars by the window, grabbed some body lotion from the bathroom and made my way back into the computer room now knowing I had an audience. I was a bit nervous but the beer made it easier for me to continue. I place the towel onto the desk and stood there for her to see, completly naked, rubbing lotion on my arms and chest with my erect cock pointing straight out from my body. I glanced over quickly and saw the outline of her body at the window still. I knew if I touched my dick it would start to spurt right away. I decided to give her a better look so I directed the desk lamp light off the floor and more towards the center of the room to give the room more light and giving her a better look at my cock.

I took a large amount of body lotion into my hands and began to rub the lotion all over my cock and balls. I then started to stroke my shaft up and down with my right hand as I held the base of my dick tight with my thumb and finger of my left hand. I could already feel the urge to cum with only a few strokes because of the excitement of being watched. I made sure the towel was streched out over the desk and then I stood inches from the desk ready to shoot. I glanced down at my hand pumping away on my shaft, my cockhead purple with pre cum dripping out. I didn't want to look over at her because I wanted her to think she caught me jerking off by accident when I actually set the whole thing up.

I slowed the stroking down and aimed my cock over the towel and my dick started to spurt thick ropes of warm white cum across the towel. I shot about 5 streams of cum before the rest started to ooze out and run down my hand. I milked the rest of the cum out cock and wiped my hand and dick on the towel. I shut the light off and went to the other room and picked up the binoculars. I watched her as she put the binoculars on the the top of the tv and then turned the room light back on and continued to iron.

I couldn't believe it, my neighbour just watched my shoot my load and the best part about it, was that it looked completly innocent on my part and if anything...she was spying on me.

I never saw her for a few days as we came and went for work then I saw her putting out the garbage one night so I decided to do the same. I walked a bag out to the curb as she was at the curb on her side as well. We smiled at each other and said hello. She walked across the street and introduced herself to me, indicating she was the neighbour who lived here, we made some small talk for a few minutes about it being a nice neighbourhood and stuff like that. After a few minutes we said goodbye and I said 'see you later' and she looked at me, smiled and said 'I look forward to it', she kinda giggled a bit, and then we walked back into our homes. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be the last time she spied on me.



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