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Watched by My Niece and Her Friend

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This is a true story from years ago about masturbating in front of my niece and her friend.


Many years ago in a past life my then wife's niece would come to our house to get ready and then stay over when she had been on the town as it was closer than home. Carol was 18 average height and pleasantly plump with a great arse and huge tits, she was sexually active and according to my wife had been since she was 15. She was a great kid and now she was a sexy woman who I had wanked over several times, she knew I liked her and would tease me by walking around the house in her bra and pants when getting ready to go out, and after seeing her like that I would always go for a quick wank.

On the night in question my wife had gone to work on the night shift and Carol had gone out with her friends and I was home alone watching tv and having a drink, around midnight I got fed up with the tv and decided to watch a porn video and have a wank, I started the tape and took my jeans and pants down sat in the armchair and started wanking, as you can guess I was thinking of someone else as I stroked my hard cock.

I was enjoying a nice slow wank when there was a tapping on the window, SHIT!! it was Carol back from town, so I stopped the tape pulled my pants up and stuffed my erection back in as best as I could and went to let her in, we made small talk about her night etc as I locked up and we went back to the lounge, I asked if she wanted a drink and she said ok then, as I poured it for her she said what are you watching (because I had left the tv on)and I said just a video realising I had left the tape in the machine, and as I turned to hand her a drink she picked up the remote and pressed play, I thought I am busted as she saw the porn but to my surprise she said 'oh, who's a naughty boy then?' have you been wanking? I was shocked to say the least and stammered a yes, I was still standing up holding her drink and could feel my cock stiffening in my pants, she also noticed this and said he looks ready to play again why don't you finish what you started, I know you fancy me and are probably wanking over me anyway so why not do it here and let me watch as I would love to see you pumping your cock and cumming for me.

I was gobsmacked but horny as hell and after getting her assurance that this would stay between us I agreed, so I dropped my jeans and pants again sat back down and showed her my by now huge throbbing erection, she gasped and said WOW auntie said you were big and now I know what she meant, as she looked at my cock I held around the base to show her the full seven and a half inches and then pulled it back to show her my balls, after she had taken it all in she said I want to see you wank and shoot your cum. So I started wanking as she watched and it wasn't long before I was ready to cum so I stopped, she said what's up, so I told her I was going to cum and that it was too soon so I showed her my edging technique and how I held off till I was ready to blow my load.

After edging for a while I said right this is it I am going to cum are you ready? she said yes cum for me now, so I pulled my tshirt up to expose my belly and chest and wanked myself to orgasm shooting three or four good thick wads of cum all over myself whilst groaning with pleasure. Carol had gone very quiet and I asked her if she was ok? and I noticed she had a hand between her thighs and was squeezing them together, she had cum as well. As we were both recovering I started to wipe my cum up with my fingers and then licked it off and swallowed it, she said do you always do that? and I replied it was something I had done from my first wanks and I had never stopped as I like the taste of my cum.

As I got dressed I said why didn't you show me yourself wanking instead of doing it through your jeans, and she said she didn't feel comfortable showing me her pussy but maybe one day she would and maybe join me in mutual masturbation. This occasion became a regular event when the timing of my wife's shifts allowed it. There was no preamble or small talk in the future, she would come in I would have my jeans and pants off or be naked and ready to go, we didn't even bother with the video. She would rub herself through her clothes and I would wank my cock and cum my load.

One night after I had wanked for her and I was cleaning up she said would you mind if I brought my friend Jayne along to watch? I was taken aback by this request and a little bit annoyed that she had told someone else but she said Jayne was sworn to secrecy and would probally join in as she was a 'horny bitch'. Carol said I know you like her because I have seen you looking at her when she comes round here. I knew Jayne as she had been Carols friend for many years, she was taller than Carol with a nice figure and a small tight arse. I didnt have a choice really the thought of wanking in front of two young women and the idea that they might join in was too much so I agreed that next time she could bring Jayne.

Two weeks later the wifes shift allowed it to happen, as usual she came round to ours and got ready then Jayne called round and they left for town, as they left Jayne winked at me and said see you later bigboy, my cock was hard as I closed the front door.

In anticipation of what was going to happen I had stripped off and put my dressing gown on, it took all my willpower not to wank throughout the evening before the main event. Soon the tapping on the window signalled the girls arrival, I let them in locked the door and followed them to the lounge. I took a minute to appraise them both, Carol was wearing black leggings with a skirt over them and a black blouse that was straining to contain her huge tits. Jayne had a tight black mini skirt on hold up stockings and a lacy black top with no bra as I could clearly see her nipples through the fabric. All I had on was my dressing gown with my hard cock pushing to get out, the girls saw this and said it looks like you are ready for action.

I told them to sit down next to each other on the sofa as I stood in front of them and took my dressing gown off, Jayne said WOW what great cock you werent kidding Carol, I let them look at my cock for a minute and watch it twitching in anticipation as the precum oozed from it. I started to wank nice and slowly so that they got a good view and I had to start edging to stop me from cumming, instead of rubbing herself through her pants I noticed Carol had her hand down inside her leggings and was slowly rubbing her clit and quietly moaning with pleasure, her nipples were sticking out through her blouse like bullets, Jayne was also turned on as her nipples were almost out of her lacy top and her hand was inside her skirt.

She said I am going to have to wank properly do you want watch me as I watch you? 'FUCK YEAH I thought' as I held back from cumming on the spot, I nodded yes and she stood up and slipped her skirt off closely followed by her tiny panties and exposed a beautifully aroused pussy, her labia were swollen and puffed out through a neatly trimmed bush and everything was slick with her juice. She sat down again and put one leg over the arm of the sofa exposing her beautiful cunt to me and Carol and gently started to rub her aroused clitoris, she looked at Carol and said are you joining us? Carol said ok and took her skirt and leggings off and and then slipped her pants off exposing another beautiful pussy, she was also aroused and wet, how I didn't cum my load on the spot I'll never know. We all started to wank, me very slowly as I didn't want this to end but the girls were really starting to get off, Jayne had her legs open and was alternating between rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers in to her soaking wet cunt, Carol was wanking in a similar fashion but was keeping her legs closer together, never the less I could see that she was soaking wet and loving it as much as me. Jayne said why aren't you wanking? and I replied cos I am ready to cum and want to hang on a bit, can I see your tits? she stopped wanking and undid her top and took it off exposing a lovely pair of firm perky breasts about 34c I would say, my cock twitched and I nearly shot but managed to hold back. Jayne asked Carol to get her tits out but she said no, I don't want to stop as I am just about to cum, and with that she arched her back plunged two fingers into her cunt and rubbed her clit with her other hand as she let out a loud gasp of pleasure as she orgasmed. This sent Jayne and myself over the edge as we had watched Carol. Jayne had brought herself to the point of no return and announced that she was going to cum, she too fingered herself as she rubbed her clit and started to pant and moan and said here I cum, she tensed and virtually screamed as the orgasm hit her, but that's not all that hit her, during this I had started to wank again and was ready to pop, so when Jaynes orgasm hit I came too, as I orgasmed I shouted FUCK YEAH I'M CUMMING and The girls said yes lets see your cum, so as Jayne was cumming she and Carol got my cum over the them, and as I had been edging for so long and it was a extermely hot situation there was a massive load of cum most of which landed on Jaynes tits.

After we had all calmed down from our orgasms I asked Jayne if I could lick my cum off her tits? she said sure no problem, so I licked as much cum up as I could from her body then looked at Carol and she smiled and nodded so licked my cum off her as well. We agreed that was a fucking great night and we must do it again soon. As it happened that became a regular thing with the three of us and we would all be naked and watch each other wank, even Carol would strip off and I finally got to see her great tits and arse in the flesh and she was as beautiful as I had imagined. Of course all this wanking off ourselves led to us wanting to wank each other and this will be in my next story.



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