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Watched By a Woman in the Men's Restroom

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There's this restaurant/bar in my city which has always had fun trying to embarrass its 'new' customers by getting them confused over which restroom is the men's and which is the women's. The signs on the doors are reversed, but underneath are arrows pointing to the other day. Many people who have never been to the restaurant/bar before get confused and enter the wrong restroom. Needless to say, it presents great opportunities for voyeurism/exhibitionism. I'd like to tell you my most exciting time there.
I would often go there to hang out, watching the restroom doors for a naive woman going in the wrong room by mistake. One time, this young woman, looking to be in her early 20s, entered the men's room completely unaware. This was my golden opportunity. I waited about 30 seconds and went in as well.
To put it all in perspective, let me describe the layout of the men's room. It is long and narrow with a urinal trough on one side, and a single stall at the end. You can see out the crack between the stall door and barrier straight down the trough. In other words, you get a good few of guys peeing.
Back to my story... I enter the bathroom and can see her feet in the stall...the bottom of her jeans and her boots. Unfortunately, another guy enters about 15 seconds behind me and we both go to pee. I make sure I'm standing just a few feet from the stall so she would see my cock first. I angle myself slightly toward the stall as I pee and take my time. She must have seen because she just sat there and had obviously stopped peeing. She was frozen, not moving at all. The guy peed and left and I was alone with her. As I started shaking my cock I began to slowly milk it. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see through the crack and see her leaning forward, as if to get a better view. The thought of her seeing me like this began to make my cock grow. In no time, I was rock hard. Here was this sexy woman just a few feet from me able to see my engorged cock and I wasn't doing anything wrong since I was in the men's room.
I knew I probably didn't have long until another guy came in so I started to stroke it furiously. This blatant exhibitionism had me so aroused, it didn't take me long to reach orgasm. I shot my cum into the trough, letting out slight grunts with each spurt. I know she must have heard. I squeezed the last drop out, rubbing it into the head with my fingers. I zipped, washed and left, back to my 'station' where I could see the door. Within a minute of me leaving, she hurried out, looking very embarrassed. She immediately went over to her two friends and grabbed them, whispering excitedly. I could actually hear one say, 'No fucking way!' That was my confirmation. She saw my cock, saw it hard and saw it spurt. I have jacked off dozens of times reliving that moment.



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