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After a night out at the Embassy club in Birmingham, I was making my way back to my flat at around 2:00 in the morning. The streets were empty except I came across two girls who had obviously been out as well, sitting on the curb. I stopped and asked if they were ok and noticed that both were real lookers. They wore short skirts, thin vest tops and heels. Looking up at me they said they were trying to walk home but were a little lost - in those days no one had a smart phone and sat nav! They said where they were heading and I knowing the area gave directions. However I thought maybe I should not leave them to wander the back streets of Birmingham in the early hours, so offered to walk with them home. They gladly accepted. On arriving at their house they invited me in for a drink and I confess I thought why not - they were cute ;)

In the light of their hallway I finally got to see them clearly. Jessie had short brown hair and a really cute face. Her flat mate, Rachel had spiked gel hair, dark make up and a piecing in her nose . Both girls had great bodies. Jessie was more my type - 5'3" and petite. We sat in their living room chatting with a glass of wine and some music on. They teased me, calling me their hero ... how could they ever return the favour. I jokingly said they could give into my natural charm and be my love slaves - corny yes... but Jessie said what would you have us do? I suggested undress and serve my every need. The sexy talk started to turn me on. Both girls sat barefoot on the sofa while I sat on a bean bag opposite. My bulge was becoming obvious and I caught them glancing from my waist to my face. Then Jessie said if we strip for you - you have to as well. I sat there stunned - was this real - ok I stammered... Rachel giggled and said ok as well, then jumped up and lifted her T over her head.

In the matter of seconds both girls were naked. I stared at there small tits and trimmed pussies. my erection was now full blown and tenting my trousers. Jessie did a twirl and said well... like what you see? Yer he does said Rachel look at his cock and they both laughed again falling back onto their old sofa. I stood up and removed all my clothes except my briefs - the girls eyes bored into me. Their focus was on my covered cock. I twirled this time and said do you like it? Jessie whistled and said take them off! She grabbed my pants by slipping her toes into the sides and pulled them down but they caught on my hard cock. Rachel jumped up and helped my pants down to my ankles. There I was naked and very erect in front of two cute naked strangers.

As I stood in front of them my hand brushed my cock and I gave one or two tugs allowing my foreskin to peel back and my purple penis head to be seen. Rachel whispered your cock is so smooth and hard. Both girls were sitting on the couch starring at my cock and balls. Jessie had one foot propped up on the couch and was hugging her knee, Rachel had her legs slightly parted and I could see her pussy was moist. Then Jessie said do you want to wank? I shyly said well yes if that was ok... And with a cute smile - she said please do ... They both watched me as built up a rhythm. Rachel jumped up and knelt on the sofa showing me her pert bottom. I moved forward to feel her ass cheek and Jessie - quickly said no ... no touching! I stopped and stepped back, resuming my hand movements. Jessie then leant forward and with her face just inches from my cock stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. I could feel her breath on my hand.

Watching her big brown eyes starring at my hard cock sent me over the top and I grunted I'm cuming. Jessie did not move, I closed my eyes and ejaculated - my legs turning to jelly. When my heart started to calm, I opened my eyes and saw Jessie laughing with my jizz all over her face and hair. Rachel was now openly masturbating rubbing her clit. I said that was amazing, so intense. My erection was not subsiding either, although I felt spent.

Jessie got up and grabbed some kitchen towel and wiped her face. She was beaming saying that was gross but also so erotic! She came over to me and while on tip toes kissed me on the lips. I reached around her, feeling her tight, smooth ass and pulling her against my body. Her warm body felt so good pushed against me. My erection squashed against her stomach and her tits pushed into my chest. Jessie pulled away from me and said more wine with a smile.

I just wanted to make love to her. But dumbly said ok. She disappeared into the kitchen to find the bottle. Meanwhile Rachel sat heavy breathing on the sofa with a huge grin on her flushed face. When Jessie returned we continued chatting about life, the universe and everything. My boner never tired and every now and then Jessie would absent-mindedly reach out and tug on my cock. Her hand looked so small wrapped around it :) believe it or not we fell asleep around 5:00 in the morning - Rachel went to her bedroom- Jessie and I stayed huddled on the sofa. Yes we did make love the next morning and we stayed together for 3 years - Rachel remained a dear and close friend of us both ;)



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