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Watch Me

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Thank you for your comments on my previous stories. This one is especially for Gary who said he wanted to see me. Of course it is also for everyone else who wants to watch me.


First a little about me. I am 50 but still in good shape, I workout enough to have a firm body, my boobs are small and pert which means they show no sign of sagging with age. I have hair that is dyed ash blonde-or 'posh grey' as I call it cut in a modern short to medium length style. I work as a barrister in an obscure section of commercial law. Today I had to go to court so I made a little more effort when dressing. I selected some favourite lingerie as it always boosts my confidence to know I look good under the conservative exterior clothes. For court a black suit is more or less compulsory. The skirt I had on was just above the knee, long enough so that it rode up to show a little leg but not so short the judge could complain about inappropriate dress. Over the suit is a black gown and I have to wear the stylised wig that anyone who has seen a movie of an English court will be familiar with. I think I look pretty good in court dress.

The trial has been going on for a while but in fits and starts due to various manoeuvres of both sides and today was no different. It started with some legal arguments from our side then there was a witness I called. Examination was quick and there was no cross but then the plaintiff made another legal move which meant things ground to a halt for a while. The judge then decided he was going to adjourn for the day to consider the arguments. It was not even lunch time and we were finished for the day. After a short meeting with the solicitors and clients I decided to take the rest of the day off and instead of going back to chambers just got a train home.

Unlike the hell that is rush hour the train was quite empty and my mind began to wander. I probably should have been thinking about the case but instead I was remembering my little stories on here and the lovely responses I got to them. I started to imagine how it would be to be watched as I played. There was a man sitting across from me and I imagined he might actually be one of the men who had written about my stories. The thought sent a quiver to my clit and I felt warm down there. The warmth I knew came from getting wet. I was bold and let my skirt ride up slightly so he might get a glimpse of my stocking tops. They are another of my court rituals-it must always be the best stockings for court not tights or even hold ups. Somehow the ritual of putting on a fresh pair and clipping them to the suspender belt seems so perfectly old fashioned and in keeping with court dress. I saw him glance and perhaps see. His eyes quickly averted but in a way I thought gave him away. My nipples were hard at the thought as he looked again. My bra was too rigid for their hardness to show through but I knew and thought he knew too.

Sadly the journey was over too soon and my station arrived. It was only a five minute walk to the house and I was alone in the bedroom. I imagined you sitting in a chair watching me saying nothing. I was in no rush. First I removed my nail polish and repainted them with some scarlet polish. Then I got out my heated hair brush and styled my hair imagining you watching every movement. Still in no hurry I applied some more make up to eyes and some scarlet lipstick to my lips that matched the nails. I love a man watching me get ready, it always turns me and I hope it would turn you on. Finally I took off my jacket and hung it up, followed by the skirt which I unzipped and wriggled out of as it fell to the floor. I left my shoes on just some black court shoes with a medium height heel. I thought my legs looked good in them. I adjust the dressing mirror and lay on the bed in my partial state of dress. In my mind you were still watching me. I ran my hands over my stockinged legs and felt myself tingle from the caress. I imagined you looking at the black stockings, the lacy suspender belt and matching bra. I wonder if you would have noticed the panties were a skimpy thong designed to leave no visible panty line under my skirt and to accentuate the cheeks on my bum when undressed. I think you noticed and the thought made me wet. I opened my legs so I could see myself in the mirror. The sheer lace between my legs was transparent and clearly damp. My smooth mons just visible beneath, the material the material just opaque enough to leave someone wonder if I were really as bare as I seemed. But you know how bare I am don't you? The thought made me flush with arousal.

I held my fingers between my legs and ran them over the material. I watched the contrast between the dark fabric, the almost white of my skin and the red of the nails. I imagined you watching too. One finger gentle massaged the wetness through the material sending a shudder through me and a moan from my lips. I reached behind and undid my bra. I hoped you were not disappointed by what you saw, the push up does a wonderful job of making a small cleavage that disappears when it is removed. In its place though are two small pert tits crowned by small hard sensitive nipples. I held one in my hand and imagined you watching as my fingers played with the nipples. That made another gasp. My nipples are so sensitive. I love to play with them and have them played with. For a while I was lost in the sensation as I teased each nipple in turn. Each movement sending messages on an invisible telegraph to my cunt. Did that word shock you? I hope it did just a little, as sex should be shocking. Hard forbidden words add to its spice. I played with my nipples and my cunt demanded attention. In my mind you were still watching as I turned to face the mirror and took one narcissistic moment to admire my bum in the thong before I slipped it off. I hoped you would like the view as I wiggled it as my red finger nails appeared between my legs feeling the wetness.

Finally I lay back on the bed, legs apart and watched myself as the movements of the red fingernails blurred as one hand fiddled with my clit as the other played with a nipple. From time to time I swapped hands so each tit got equal treatment. I almost never put anything inside me when I play that sensation is usually reserved for when with a lover but I did open my legs and slit so wide I could see deep inside my red swollen cunt. I imagined you watching and looking deep inside me as my fingers stretch open my hole.

Then all thoughts got messed up and I was nothing but urges. Vaguely away of being watched as I imagined but really just an animal needing sensation. It might have been minutes or just seconds but then I came. It shook me through and through. I probably moaned as I am told I usually do when I cum. It was wonderful.

Did you like watching me? What would you have been doing as you did? Would you be playing? Would I see thick white cum dribbling down your hard cock as I came too and smiled at you? Please tell me.



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