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Watch Fetish

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Watch Fetish
I don't know if you have heard of this one already, but I think you should add it to the list: wristwatches. I have had this fetish for years, ever since a curiosity of it at age 13. It doesn't really simulate the feeling of the vagina, but rather it is a whole new feel. Each watch has its own properties; ridges in bezels, strap textures etc; especially when they are wet, covered with various items such as shaving cream, toothpaste, or soap. (I like to polish the watches before she puts them on, which gives a bit of friction. Basically, the woman wears the watch (works just in hand too)and rotates her wrist as she rubs it up and down the shaft of the penis and testicles until ejaculation, but it could be a whole body experience. I have had women do this to me with a Rolex oyster perpetual datejust with Jubilee band, Cartier tank watches with textured black leather straps,and a few Seiko watches. It is a great alternative to standard foreplay; make it fun: have her put on a nurse/doctor outfit and do a "physical examination"; or be a teacher who wants the student to stay after class (my first encounter at age 13 with a real teacher); or the boss that really wants you to "stay over" tonight. Hope someone tries it and likes it as much as I did. It works with or without a partner, but naturally a partner is the best way to go. This may be better than kid's toys.
More on watches....
Ever Heard of This One Before?
To start things off, I believe that I have one of the most unusual fetishes anywhere. It started out as a curiosity thing, and became a full-blown fetish very quickly. You hear stories of people pleasuring themselves with various objects, just to see what it is like; how it feels. The item that I have a fetish for is very common indeed; most people wear one and look at it several times a day.
One day I was at school in an afternoon class in grade school. My hormones were just developing and they didn't know what to do. I kept watching the teacher, and not only that, I was taking every opportunity to stare at her watch. I would constantly ask her what time it was, and she would come over to me and have me look at the watch to see . I would nearly grab her arm and touch the watch and look at it for a few seconds longer than I needed to. I always thought, "I wonder what this would feel like ?" It was shortly after this that I found out.
Later on that day, she kept yelling at me for talking in class and said that I would have to stay after class to talk to her. 3:15 came around and she came up to my desk. "I have been keeping an eye on you, and I couldn't help but notice a few things; you are always looking at me, not only that, you stare at my watch any chance you get," she said. As she was telling me this, she closed the classroom door, pulled down the shade on the door and closed the drapes on the windows, making sure that nothing could be seen out of them. "I know what you want, kid."
She looked at her watch one more time. "It's high time we get this over with, don't you think?"
"ummm.....yes," I said. "Also, I notice," she said, "that whenever we are walking down the hall, you try to run into me and make my wrist, specifically the watch, bump into your private area. I know what you are wondering, and today you are going to find out. Stand up and pull down your pants." I couldn't believe what I just heard. I stood motionless. "Come on, you heard me, take down your pants!" I slowly unzipped my jeans and slid them down to my ankles. It was somewhat cold in the room. "Okay, now I want you to close your eyes and don't look; no peeking." About 10 seconds later, I felt her soft hands reach around my waist and pull down my underwear and expose my penis and testicles. It felt even colder now.
Then the next feeling I felt was wonderful; a soft and smooth feeling, like a gentle rubbing motion on the head and on the underside of my penis. Next, I felt a smooth friction and coldness at the same time. I was amazed and wanted to open my eyes. "Okay, you can open your eyes now," she said happily. I looked down and saw that her Timex watch was touching my penis. I was overjoyed.
"Now you can see and feel the different parts of it. First, you felt the strap." She rotated her wrist slowy as to make me feel the texture of the black leather strap. "Next, you felt the dial and the case" She stopped rubbing the strap, and rubbed the dial up and down the underside of my penis and moved her wrist around so that I felt the case too. "So, do you like it; was it everything that you imagined?" "Yes," I said with a smile. "Good, let's keep going then, shall we?" She kept rubbing and stroking, varying the amounts, until she finally came to a stop, and just held the watch under my penis. I couldn't take it anymore, and I ejaculated all over the watch and her wrist. "Now we both got what we wanted; I satisfied your curiosity and you satisfied mine. This is just the beginning, I have several more watches than this." From then on, the teacher/student relationship changed, and I looked forward to after school detentions.
She tried several different watches on me, starting with the Timex. From there we went on to various Seiko models, including a tank with a black leather lizard grain strap. Next, we tried Citizen models with black leather straps, several Cartier tank watches, and evetually to my most favorite of all, the ROLEX PERPETUAL LADY DATEJUST (that bezel and Jubilee 14k/stainless band is great!)
A couple of days ago, I had a doctor's appointment at 3:30 for my pre-employment physical. I arrived 10 minutes before. The receptionist ushered me in to the doctor's office. From there, things were never the same. About 4 minutes later, a woman, in her early 40's, came into the examination room and introduced herself as the doctor. Wow! Finally a female doctor. I smiled and introduced myself also. She asked me several questions regarding my medical status, but not before glancing at her Rolex Datejust watch to see what time it was. It was beautiful; 14k and stainless, with champagne dial, and the Jubilee band and bezel. I knew what it was. She asked me a few more questions, and then she looked at her watch one more time and then had me undress for her and put on a gown. All the while looking up at me, in between staring at her watch. She did the usual tests: vision reflexes, etc; but she was doing it from head to toe, except for that one thing. Acting surprised, she said that she almost forgot about examining it. I knew that was not true. She actually asked me if I wanted her to perform it. I said yes please do. I felt her slowly grasp my testicles and lightly juggle them between her fingers like bin wah balls. Next thing I knew she began to lightly caress the head and underside of my penis with the ridged bezel of the Rolex in a circular back and forth motion. And then she rotated her wrist and stroked the underside and head with the Jubilee band. Both actions brought forth a smooth vibrating sensation that is simply indescribably great. This went on for several minutes, until finally I became fully flacid and ejaculated all over the Rolex and her wrist, but she kept on going. I could not stop releasing my semen all over the watch; for every time that I thought that she was done, I would feel that burst again and again. Several hours later, I felt raw and sore, and I was bleeding a bit, but that made it even better. By the time we finished, the Rolex and her wrist were totally saturated with blood and semen. She did what she had to do to heal me, and I will never forget that experience even today. almost too strange for those fetish chatrooms.
 The Aunt
I was at a family gathering one day around the same age of my first encounter. An aunt that I have not seen in quite some time came up to me. She asked how I was, and I said other than having a hernia, I was fine. She summoned me to follow her into the house. We ended up heading towards the bathroom. "Come in, I want to talk to you for a minute, okay?" We went in the bathroom and she locked the door. I was confused. She looked at her watch. "Your aunt is very concerned with your health; let's see what is going on with you," she said with a smile, and took off my belt and undid my pants. "So you have a hernia, huh? Let's see it," as she slowly pulled down my underwear to my pants. "Okay, hold still, this won't hurt a bit!" She slowly grasped my penis with her left hand, reached under it and felt my testicles. As she did this, I felt a smooth sensation for a second. "Uh huh, just as I suspected," she said. Somehow she had managed to do this in such a way that her watch was touching my penis. "Sorry about that," she said as she rotated her wrist and did it again with a very serious look on her face.
"Did you feel anything?" "Yes," I said "What did it feel like? "Very soft and smooth," I said. She did it again. "Did you like it?" She asked me "Yes I did like it very much," I replied. "Well then, let's keep doing it then if it feels good; I wonder what time it is?" She let go of me and looked at her watch. "Three-thirty, hmmm. We have plenty of time, see?" She raised the watch so that I could see what time it was. It was three thirty according to her timex silver windup watch with a soft black imitation (not leather) strap. It's shape is not square, but more of an oval. "Let's finish up, shall we?" my aunt asked "This is good for both of us." She put her wrist and the watch on the underside of my penis and began to stroke lightly and she rotated her wrist at the same time. Smooth and supple is what I was feeling. She started rubbing faster and harder. "Soon you should cum, so don't freak out okay?" She kept going until finally I felt an enormous rush of semen beginning to flow through my penis. As it came bursting out, I sighed and almost passed out. "There it is," my aunt exclaimed, "that was pretty good." Her wrist and the watch were covered with semen. "I heard about the incident at school. That teacher is one of my friends and I had to try it after she told me!" Then she opened up the cabinet and found a bottle of lotion. "Let's try this again, only with some lubrication, okay?" She lubed up the watch with lotion, and stroked me off again the same way. This time I came much quicker and it felt much better. "See, I worry about you a lot; I don't want you to have anyone but me, so I will do this to you as much as you want, and as long as you want."
To this day, she still does it to me whenever I see her; no matter where we are, we find a bathroom and go in it and relive that first time.



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