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Washing Machine Pleasure

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Washing Machine Pleasure
When I first started to masturbate it was not with my hands; I didnâ??t even know that was possible. Such innocence! What I learned to do was this, when I was about 9 or 10. Mum used to do laundry in a big load that would take most of the morning, and keep me with her. The washing machine was big and noisy, and would rattle and vibrate through most of the wash but especially when spinning.
One day when mum had gone out I found myself jumping onto the machine, just to sit on it and have fun. The machine was shaking and roaring and immediately I started to feel something very nice was happening, where my little pussy was pressed onto the metal. If I moved slightly, or pressed down harder, the feeling could get even better. I think I had an orgasm like this, but then had to jump off, guilty but not really knowing why, when mum came back in. But I had learned something which was to become a big feature of my life, and I used that machine for years, usually just leaning heavily against it, wearing very thin or no knickers, and would come away with my legs weak and pussy soaking with pleasure. I soon learned to fantasise during this; I would think about the boys at school, especially during swimming class, when there would be a lot of horseplay and often, a glimpse of hard young cocks, as well as the girls teasing and pushing out little tits.
It wasnâ??t long before I would find myself alone in bed remembering the feeling I would get from this, and discovering that I could use my hands on myself to attain the same pleasure. I would sleep in pyjamas with nothing else on; what I learned to do was to lie on my front and push both my hands down the front of my bottoms and cup my vagina like this, using my hips to press down hard and move around. I noticed I used to get very wet doing this but it was a while before I discovered I could put my fingers inside me for a different feeling. This led me to experiment, and the technique I finally found worked best for me was to start on my front with hard pressing and grinding, then turning onto my back - the pyjama bottoms off by now - and stroking and rubbing my clit, legs wide apart, while reaching down with my left hand around my leg to push my fingers between my pussy lips. I could easily orgasm like this, but generally would stop after just one and find myself very sleepy.
When I started going out with boys I found that my fantasies became more elaborate, and more explicit; masturbating on my back would always make me think of being fucked in this position.
The next big learning experience was being masturbated by someone else. The first time this happened was on the sofa at home with a boy from school, the house was empty and we had been kissing and touching, he had his hand on my pussy but only through my skirt. I was so wet I was embarrassed to let him feel me, but suddenly he just pushed his hand into my knickers and into my pussy, he was using his fingers to simulate intercourse and I almost lost myself in pleasure, spreading my legs wide and gasping uncontrollably until, unable to stop myself, I came in a wild rush quite unlike my solo efforts. This was the first time I was properly finger-fucked, something I never learned to do to myself but have enjoyed with all my partners since then.
I still masturbate at home, my partner and I will masturbate each other but also for the pleasure of having the other watch. But also I still play on my own, and once recently found myself pressing myself into the washing machine. Does anyone else do this? Try it!



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