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Washday = Best Day

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Earlier in the year the company I work for, where I was previously located, made me (and everyone within the building) redundant as they (head office) were reshaping things and while I was given a healthy redundancy package (as my job then paid a good amount too) I was still able to be 'rehired' within the company elsewhere at any set time and place.

I took this time to take a break from my usual busy schedule for a month or so, as to relax and find somewhere else that would suit me. I moved out into an outer suburbs area, quieter than where I was at, in a complex of flats. Big enough for one person to live comfortably though majority of my stuff was in storage until such a time.

The flats had a communal wash room for clothes, I guess as to save water but also made good time for idle chatter and get to know the neighbours.

One week it broke down and it took a few weeks to get properly repaired and in that time I visited a nearby laundromat, usually when it got dark at around 10pm as there were hardly any people, it was tucked away as well so you could nap off while the machine did its business. One day I went down there as I had used up all my clean clothes apart from a pair of trackpants and a zip up sweater.

I grabbed out my iPod, sat down on the bench seat beside the wash machines and closed my eyes, though it didn't last very long as my iPod battery died seeing as I forgot to charge it during the day, so I put it back in my pocket and tried to doze off to the hum of the machine.

A couple minutes later I heard a distinct walk from a woman in heels, figuring that she was lost I tidied my hair up a bit and stood up just as she entered the room. Said heels were actually heeled boots, long black boots; she was also wearing tight leather black pants, black jacket and black leather gloves which were very snug on her hands. She was carrying a cloth bag with her dirty clothes in it but given that she looked like she had a bit of money I enquired with a 'machine broken?'

She looked over at me and gave a sheepish 'yeah, unfortunately'. I watched her separate her clothes, not once trying to hide her underwear even though I was in the room as well and load them into separate machines then slot the coins into each machine. What amused me more is that she did it with said gloves on with ease.

'I take it either they're really thin or you wear them all the time?' I asked her. She gave me a confused look.

'The gloves I mean, you did all that as normal, even with the change, as most people would be fumbling' I told her

'Oh right, yeah, I tend to do my every day activities while wearing gloves, just apart of my normal attire and I just find it easier to leave them on instead of taking them off all the time' she told me.

We both then sat down at the bench seat and just chatted idly about anything and everything as the machines seem to take forever. The conversation then lead back to gloves again, granted I am an enthusiast you could say, I have an idea.

At first it was merely just what we have, favourite brands, I lean more towards sports gloves while she is a broad spectrum, then it became more and more 'exciting' until eventually, masturbation.

I was taken aback that she didn't even have a boyfriend but that gave her time to experiment as to what worked best for her.

Jokingly I said 'You think you could show me?' while she knew it was in jest, she took me up on that offer. Already I was hard due to the glove talk but my pants concealed it as I was sitting down. She told me to sit on the ground so as to get a 'better view', so I slid myself to the cold, hard floor, she 'straddled' me, standing right near my face, feet either side.

She unzipped her tight leather pants, which the zip seemed to go forever and I was now staring at her pussy, ready to be fingered.

'Try and not to breathe too hard, I don't want to have an orgasm just yet' she joked.

One of her hands slid right down to her crotch, at first just rubbing back and forth over the general area but already I could smell her or it was the leather from the gloves or a mix of both, I wasn't sure but either way it was an erotic smell to me.

She was very rhythmic, doing it to her own breathing, just seeing the hand slide up and down. Every third or fourth stroke, the middle finger would slide into her pussy a bit. After a couple of minutes said finger was going right in now and she was getting heavier in breathing and getting faster. The smell was getting stronger and I was getting even more aroused, my penis becoming more sensitive within my pants.

She then got her other hand to join in and this time they were side by side and both index fingers were sliding in and out fairly rapidly. I could see she was pretty wet at this point, as the gloved fingers were looking pretty shiny. At about the 6-7 minute mark she was still going, my butt was getting pretty cold and numb but as long as this was going on, I didn't care.

All of a sudden she spreads her pussy and tells me to blow air, without a second thought I give a quick puff in the general direction of her pussy and at that instant she lets out a high but soft 'oh my', sighs, then flops down onto the bench seat.

A little bemused at what just happened, trying to grasp what just happened was real, I stood up to check my washing but it was evident that I had gone camping in my pants.

'Nice tent' said the woman, 'want some help taking that down?'

I don't know what came over me but all I could do was grin the widest grin I had made in my life.

She stood up and slid down one of her gloved hands down the front of my pants, which were still a bit slippery from moments before.

'Oh my, a long one here, could do with a bit more thickness but seems suitable enough' she said cheekily.

All the while she was doing this, I could feel the soft leather caressing the skin on my penis and I knew I wasn't very far off from coming. She then planted her hands on my butt cheeks and managed to slide down my pants enough to expose my genitalia.

I looked down and watched her slender, sexy, black gloved fingers dance around my 'meat and 2 veg'. It was utter bliss but somehow she knew how to bring me to edge and back without really looking at my face as all she was doing was looking at what she was mostly focused on down below.

I could not believe at both how nice this actually felt and that this was actually happening, more so from a complete stranger in a laundromat!

All of a sudden she stops, I'm *just* there, a moment longer and i'd be shouting to the gods as well. She unzips her jacket, revealing perfect Ds, winks at me and just starts fondling them. I'm now staring at A+ tits and an awesome pair of black, soft leather gloves handling them. Her skin is perfect and at this point I was finding her incredibly sexy. About 30 seconds of this and I tip over the edge and somehow, she's as quick as lightning and manages to catch my cum in her hands. Once I finish, she takes the handful outside and washes her gloves off at a tap.

Walking back in, top still unzipped and pants not totally done up she grabs a slip of paper and a pen out of her pocket and writes down her phone number.

'Sandra, if you need a name' she winks at me, unloads her washing and walks out of the laundromat, still with her top unzipped and pants not properly done up. I manage to gather myself and pull my pants up, gather my clothes and leave as well, still trying to believe that everything was real.

Of course that wasn't the last time I'd see her



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