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Wash and Wax

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Early one morning I went to the car wash to clean the car. When I arrived, there were 2 cars and 1 truck at the vaccum stations. The vac stations are located about 50 feet in front of the wash bays. There were no cars in the other wash bays.

After starting to wash my car I really had to take a piss. I tried to hold it but I had to go. I looked over and noticed the car with the family in it at the vac station had left. I looked to see who was detailing the 2 trucks that were there, one was a 20something hispanic man, the other a 30something white dude. I figured I'd just whip it out and piss right there. At the time they weren't watching, and I figured it wasn't a big deal, they were dudes, they wouldnt give a shit. So I finished soaping the car up, sat the brush down, pulled my cock and balls out through my zipper and took a piss next to the car.

As I pissed I was becoming a little aroused. For some reason I thought to myself, I would just let it hang out and flop around while I rinsed the car. I walked over (with it out and flopping) and picked up the sprayer, began rinsing the car. After a minute or so I had a full hard-on. I was getting so excited at the thought of those guys seeing my throbbing hard dick (even though I am straight), that I began to get a shine on my cum hole from the precum building up. I dripped about three drops of precum as I rinsed the car, then put the sprayer up.

As I was placing the sprayer on the hook I noticed the hispanic guy staring straight at me. for some reason even as a straight guy this was so arousing. I was precummin like I did back when I was in high school. He stared with shock and interest. So, I figured I'd go ahead and jerk off right there.

I started jackin myself then another car pulled into the bay next to mine. Scared, I quickly opened the back door and leaned in the car. I comtemplated just leaving, but was so fucking aroused I wanted to release that load. Once I realized the coast was clear, I stepped back out of the car and continued stroking. I kept watch, noticing the hispanic dude settin in his truck watching as I stroked away. Just as I was about to cum, this older dude walked out of the next bay towards the coin machine. Once in front of me he stopped dead in his tracks and said 'what you doin man' before I could answer or put my cock away I shot 4 squirts of cum about 8-10 feet, (even though I was scared shitless that he walked up on me). As it shot out, he watched in amazement, then said to me 'holy shit, thats pretty impressive' then told me I probably shouldnt be waxin my rod at car washes. I got into the car as fast as I could with my limp dick still out, and drove out of there. I was freaked out but so invigorated I went home and jerked off again.



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