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Warming Up the Car

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Based on a true story that occured in the 1960s.


In the racially tense mid-1960s I had just graduated from college, was a virgin and working in a bank in a not very desirable neighborhood. The eight of us working there all lived about a 30 minute drive from the office, but came from several different directions. One of the bank's business customers had a popular night spot on the outskirts of that town, and at his urging and assurance that it was a 'safe' area, one autumn Friday night we decided to party there after we closed at eight o'clock.

The place was packed, the music loud, and we all had a great time. Around one in the morning we started to say our good nights to each other and head for our cars in the parking lot. Cindy (the head teller) asked me if I would walk her to her car and wait until the old heap warmed up. Her vehicle was at least 10 years old and somewhat unreliable.

Cindy was a year or two older than I, divorced (no kids) and had moved back in with her parents. As far as I knew she was not dating. Anyway, the temperature had dropped quite a bit during the evening, and while sitting in the car on the front (bench) seat shivering a bit we got closer, then kissed, then started necking. Her skirt had slid up her legs to just above her knee and her knees were parted a little.

As I put my hand on the inside of her knee, she broke the kiss and said, 'Not ONE fucking word to anyone about this, understand? I mean it!' And I readily agreed, but I did not know what 'this' meant. There I was a virgin with a sexually experienced woman who was divorced, and whom I suspected had not had sex in quite a while.

I remember thinking that it was wrong to go from tongue kissing (first base) to touching pussy (third base) without touching second (the boobs). So I slowly removed my hand from her leg and began to caress her left breast over her jacket and blouse. She again broke the kiss, and this time said, 'Don't bother. There's not much there (and there wasn't), and we don't have time.' She then gently pushed my hand back onto her leg and tugged her skirt up to mid-thigh. Inexperienced or not, I got the hint!

As I moved further up her leg I was aware of a warmth under her skirt, and a heady, musky aroma began to reach my nostrils. She parted her legs further and I moved my hand (still a bit tentatively) to high inside her thigh and then extended the tip of one finger to the crotch of her panties. As I moved it back and forth and became aware of a slippery, almost slimy liquid coating on my finger. Since I encountered no resistance to this point I then moved two fingers to the crotch and began rubbing her through the gusset.

Cindy was softly moaning and I detected a rhythmic movement of her hips which resulted in her very wet panties to form a camel toe as my finger began to penetrate her cleft. Suddenly I got bolder and reached into her groin to pull the panties aside and sink my fingers directly into her. But alas, not all went as planned. Cindy was quite hairy there, and my change in tactics caused her to jump when I accidentally pulled some hairs causing her some discomfort.

'Damn,' I exclaimed. 'Wait,' she said softly, and raised her hips from the car seat, reached under her skirt and lowered her panties to just above the knee. 'But remember,' she cautioned, 'not ONE FUCKING WORD, and this is a far as it goes, too.'

We rearranged ourselves and resumed kissing. But before I returned to my exploration, she reached out to my crotch and feeling my rigid hardon said, 'We'll have to do something about this monster, too. Now, get back to what you were doing.'

Without any more hesitation, I placed by fingers between her legs and felt a naked, albeit hairy, pussy for the very first time in my life. Cindy's moisture was everywhere and I parted her nether lips easily and sunk first one then two fingers inside her. Her hip movements began again, and then her hand joined mine as she caressed my thumb and placed it on her clit and silently showed me how to rub it while thrusting my fingers inside her. I am a quick learner, and she was soon humping away on my hand and moaning. Then, between moans she uttered, 'Oh, God, oh shit, oh fuck, oh yes, YES, YES.' Her climax arrived and my hand became soaked as did her skirt and the car seat. Of course, I thought she pissed herself, but in later years I realized that I experienced a squirting pussy.

Breathing deeply and gasping less, Cindy gently eased my hand away from her most intimate of places, and again reminded me of the pledge of silence. As she was rearranging her clothing she said, 'Now, let's see about you.'

Just then, the beam of a flashlight shown in the car window and a male voice outside said, 'OK, that's enough. It's 2:00 AM. Time to get on home.' My boner rapidly receded to a mere fraction of its former size, probably barely enough to hang onto to pee. After a quick tongue kiss, I said I would follow her out of the neighborhood and then head home.

When I arrived home (I still lived with my parents at the time) there was a message pinned to my bedroom door telling me that the personnel office called me that evening, and I was to report to another office of the bank on Monday morning. I never saw Cindy again, and I never uttered a word about 'this' until now.



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