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Warm Cloth

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It's a true story


As much as I've tried I'm not one for back door insertion when I'm masturbating. I've tried 4x-never that fun. I do, however, enjoy the firm pressure of my palm between my cock and my ass, with my legs in the air and a steady rhythm that's just starting to pick up. I don't use lube when I stroke myself, just a light touch. It's amazing how soft a cock really is for all its legendary hardness.

I like to take my time, getting close 4 or 5 times before I go in for the kill. But, once I've decided that this is it, that I've 'dicked' ;) around enough and it's time to go in for that last long (pleeeeeaase . . .be like that one a year ago) stretch, I'll run to the bathroom and fill my sink basin with steaming hot water, drop a clean wash cloth in the scalding pool, let it fill up with fluid, wring it out, and high tail it back to my bed.

Once there, my aching hardon in hand, I'll lift my legs like I were a trapeze artist between throws. Knees fully bent, calves in the air, I'll place the now comfortably hot wash cloth in that aforementioned spot, take my middle, ring and index fingers (my girlfriend's favourites)and cup firmly in every time I bring my fist down from my (almost too much but no way I'm stopping)glans.

Within 45 seconds I feel my entire waist going warm, like the sink basin I used to create this incredible feeling growing between my legs. I clench my buttocks which only sends my warm, cloth covered fingers digging deeper and my palm pressing harder. Unable to control myself I groan from the stomach and feel my legs start to quiver, contractions making their way down from the epicentre I'm massaging between both hands. I feel my orgasm making its way from beneath my cock up through the shaft and lingering on the edge for what seems like an eternity. On my last upstroke my cock jumps in recoil as the first wave hits me. Come leaps from my spasming head, I groan again, even louder. 6, 7, 8 . . . oh my fucking god . . . 9 times I buckle my hips and grip between my legs. My body goes limp and I lie motionless, gently squeezing the last drops from my head. Within minutes I creep to the bathroom, fill up the basin with piping hot water and get my warm cloth ready for round two.



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