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Wanting To Get Caught

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My wife has lost much of her desire for sex, due to some medical condition, which leaves me with masturbation as my only outlet. She knows I do it as I have said on occasion that I will look after myself if she isn't interested in sex, but I have yet to openly bring myself off right in front of her.

A couple of weeks ago I planned a three day build up to a masturbation experience I thought she would witness for sure. She was scheduled to work at 7:00AM one morning. Her routine when she get's up is to do the bathroom thing for about fifteen minutes then she usually comes back into the bedroom to gather some clothes for work. Two nights before her shift I began my self adventure by performing a fresh shave of my genital area. I have been keeping a full shave for several months as it is very erotic feeling both while shaving and also masturbating afterwards. I love the feeling of manipulating my genitals around while dragging the razor, shaving all of my ball sack and from the base of my cock right up to just below my belly. I usually become so aroused doing the shave that I have to pull myself off right away to relieve the pressure. Pre-cum oozes constantly while I shave and my cock becomes hugely engorged. But I held off this time to ensure I would have lot's of build up for my planned exposure.

I slept that night in the raw just to further the build up and needless to say I was becoming very full. The day before zero hour and I'm reading story after story on this site, maintaining a day long erection. Pre-cum has oozed all over the inside of my briefs. The night before, she has gone to bed early while I sit up for a while thinking of how my plan will play out. I venture off to bed, putting a container of lotion and towel next to the bed and stripping naked once again. It is almost impossible to sleep as my penis remains swelled and beckoning to be jerked all night long. As I toss and turn thinking of her reaction when she comes in and sees my hand stroking my hairless, swollen cock and full to the brim balls, I occasionally do a few short strokes and lightly caress myself. I eventually doze a short while between five and seven am when her alarm finally rings and she gets out of bed. Just as expected she heads into the washroom and begins her morning ritual.

My heart pounds emphatically as I contemplate getting down to business. I'm fully aroused and my cock is pounding in rhythm with my heart. I throw back the sheets, flick on the lamp next to the bed and see my shaved member is hard as a rock, veins bulging and head purpling. I squirted a good amount of lotion on my cock and balls and began to rub it around the shaft and ball sack. With the bed covers pulled completely off me I laid half sideways with my legs together so my scrotum and cock would stick out most prominantly. With my right hand I began to stroke my member from top to bottom allowing my hand to open and rub over my balls on each downward stroke. I could barely contain the feeling of pure pleasure thinking that she would walk in and see me doing this in full light. My strokes were slow and methodical. It was taking too long for her to come in. As hard as I tried I couldn't muster the will to hold off any longer. I let loose with the orgasm to die for bursting forth with pump after pump of huge amounts of cum. She didn't come in and see it, but I had one of the best ejaculations in a long time. I'm planning to try again this week in the hope that she will catch me and see how I look, looking after myself.



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