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Wanted To See for Myself

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I had heard my girl friends tell me about it but wanted to see everything for myself.


Through word of mouth and what I had read I felt I knew quite a bit about boys, penises, erections, sperm, etc. I had even heard about how they played with themselves by jerking off. I was so curious I wanted to see this for myself. I knew what the penis looked like having seen my little brother and dad in the shower. I also had seen a drawn picture of an erect penis in a book and I was dying to see one in person.

My boyfriend at the time had just got his license a month or so ago and one evening he came over in his dad's car and we went for a little ride. We ended up at a driving range parking lot as he had been talking about playing golf the last weekend with his dad. We were alone there and ended up kissing and making out some. It was just dusk so it was easy to see. We broke from a long kiss and I glanced down and my eye caught it. I could see his penis in his pants and the reason I could so easily see it is it was so big and hard. My young mind went to spinning. There one was right in front of me and it was my boyfriends. I then made sure he could see me looking at it and when he saw this he went to squirming trying to hide it. I told him 'Jerry; it's OK. Iknow you're excited by our kissing'. He was red in the face. I then told him that I wanted to see it. He just looked at me I guess not believing what he was hearing. I could see how excited he was. I'm sure he had never had a girl see his penis before and he was now shaking in his excitement.

I told him again to please let me see it. With shaky hands he undid his belt and opened his pants and pushed them down some. He then nervously reached in and pulled out his hard penis. He was shaking so much and I looked at my first real live hard penis and I could see it pulse with his rapid heart beat. I asked him 'can I touch it?'. He was speechless with excitement so I reached over and took it in my hand. It felt so soft to the touch. When my hand touch it my boyfriend had a sudden shake and caught his breath almost like he had a sudden shock.

I next went to rubbing my hand up and down on him just as the girls at school had explained to me that had done this to there boyfriends. My boyfriend started making some moaning sounds and telling me 'oh Joyce, oh Joyce oh that feels good. Oh Joyce. I can't take it'. He then went to really growning and bucking his hips some and soon let out a loud grunting sound and threw his head back. I knew that he was going to squirt his sperm and I was dying to see this for the first time. I'd been told about this and how neat it was and he sure didn't let me down.

I was a bit surprised by the force it shot out with and the first squirt ended up going over his shoulder just missing his head. The next hit his shirt just below his neck. He finally eased off and now it was just running out and over my hand. I felt it and even smelled it. It was a great and wonderful education. Needless to say, this was just the start of what later became lots of 'first' for me concerning boys and sex. I was sure looking forward to our next outing and will cover this later as it was a fantastic learning experiance for him at my pleasure.



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