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Wanna Go To the Movies?

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Hi, all! Been a fan of the site for some time, and I finally got up the nerve to tell you all my story.

This happened about a year and a half ago when my girlfriend and I decided to go to a movie together. Kong had just come out in theatres, and she's a big fan of monster flicks. Me, not so much, but hey, it was a chance to spend time with her, you know? In any case, she and I had just started to get a bit more serious with our relationship. We've kinda taken it slow...we'd been together for two and a half years, and had only just had our first kiss together!

So it came as a great surprise to both of us what happened in that wonderfully dark movie theatre.

The movie was in full swing, and there were quite a few people in the theatre itself. However, where we were sitting, there was nobody within a surprisingly large radius of us. Good for us! I started to cuddle her a little, and she happily cuddled back. I finally got up my nerve, and traced a finger around one of her nipples through her shirt. I was quite pleased when she smiled, and gave me a kiss on the neck.

It just got better and better from there...and man, can that girl nibble! She was nibbling along my ear and neck...and I have to say, that's just about the most erotic thing I've ever felt. Well, almost at least. Getting more daring, I started to stroke down her stomach, rubbing lightly...until my hand found her crotch through her pants. She stiffened, and I paused, asking if everything was all right. By this point, we'd sort of lost track of the plot! She told me to go ahead with what I was doing, so I started to rub her through those pants. Then I discovered what I enjoy even more than nibbles: It's the sensation of a woman you love spreading her legs for you. It's amazing how erotic that is. That...and the sound of her quietly undoing her zipper.

Next thing I know, she's guiding my hand into her panties, and I'm totally mind blown. I'd never seen nor touched a woman's slit before...and this was just a wonderful feeling indeed. I remember feeling around, and hearing her gasp a little. 'Is...is that your clit?' I asked quietly in her ear. She nodded. I played with it and rubbed her slit until she finally tensed up and came...she has the most beautiful orgasm face.

Before the movie was over, I'd gotten her to cum again. She didn't even touch me sexually that day, but man, I don't care! Getting to pleasure her was reward enough for me...and besides, a guy cumming in a movie theater isn't that great of an idea. Kinda messy.

In any case, 'going to the movies' started to be a bit of a code for us. And let me tell you: Going to the movies with her has never been quite the same since!



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