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Wanking With Wife

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A true story of events which took place a couple of years ago.


The events of my story happened a couple of years ago when I was still married. The marriage was in a bad way in all areas including our sex lives, which had become almost non-existent. In an attempt to revive things we talked about all the factors and during the conversation the condition of our sex life came up. I asked if there was anything we could do which might help. To my surprise she said that she would like to watch me masturbate. Anyone who knows her knows that she is very conventional and so this was right out of character. Anyway I agreed although I was very nervous, afraid that I might not get hard and carry it off. She wanted me to be completely naked and to lie at her feet as I did it.

That night I stripped off as agreed and lay on the floor at her feet. I had decided before hand to lube myself well as this always gets me hard when I wank and I thought that that would give me a better chance of success; I also decided I would groan and thrust to give the impression of enjoying it even if I wasn't.

I lubed the shaft well and started. I needn't have worried. I got hard almost straight away and the moaning I did was very soon genuine. I didn't do anything fancy, just a standard fist job and eventually I felt the pressure building up. Normally, when I wank alone, at this point I would have stopped, let it die down and start again to prolong the pleasure. But on this occasion I worried that I might go soft and not be able to restart, so I just pressed on. Eventually my actions had the desired effect and I came in a gush. It wasn't a spurty one, it pumped and flowed down from the tip down the shaft and over my hands.

When it was over and I had cleaned up we discussed it and she said how much she had enjoyed it and wanted to do it again as soon as possible.

We did it again a couple of nights later and this time it was much more relaxed and she stripped off as well and wanked with me. I did two of my favourite techniques, first lubing the palm of my right hand and, holding my cock upright with my left hand, I ran the flat of the lubed palm round the very top of the head. The other is to make a ring with my thumb and first finger and rub my shaft through the 'ring' varying the pressure on the shaft. This time my ejaculation was very strong and I hit my chest, upper abdomen and stomach, before flowing down the shaft and between my legs. It took quite a bit of cleaning!!

This became the normal activity for us and we got gay porn mags and videos to wank to. Unfortunately other strains on the marriage proved too much and we eventually split and divorced.

I continued to wank over gay material and, as I subsequently met another woman and had perfectly normal sex, I began to wonder if I was bi. I did confirm this with a mutual wanking and oral session with another man, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but that's another story!

I now have sex regularly with a couple of women but am still looking for a partner who would enjoy sessions like the ones I had with my wife.



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