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Wanking With Matt

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Being a normal healthy 13 year old I started to get curious.

I lived in one of those communities where everyone knows everyone and there's no secrets and everyone is good and behaved.

I had this friend, named Matt. We had been friends all through primary and now we were into secondary college. I had never fancied him at all. I mean, we were best friends, nothing less and certainly nothing more. He told me who he liked and I would tell him the same. We had no secrets and we would always talk about nice normal things. Until we reached high school.

The topic of wanking had never came into our conversations, and I didn't even know what it was. One day I was sitting at the back of the classroom with Matt. We were into one of our normal conversations and then I realized that Matt didn't seem to be focusing as much as he normally does and he seemed quite distracted. So I followed where his eyes were looking and spotted that he was looking at the two boys in front of us watching porn on their cellphone. I stopped talking to him and started watching the porn. I had never seen anything like it! I then noticed that one of the guys in front of us had his hands down his pants and was moving them really quickly up and down. I had no idea what they were doing! And then he started to breathe a bit heavier and had a few moans before jolting and stiffening and moaning even louder! I was wondering what he was doing and then I saw a bit of white stuff on the floor. I was like Ahhh alright. But then the guy next to him started moaning and didnt make an effort to hide his growing cock, I saw it get bigger and bigger. By this stage I was incredibly turned on and I felt myself getting wet. I had never been wet down there before so I didn't know what to think. I started moving up and down on the chair. I glanced over at Matt and he had the biggest boner I had ever seen! I could tell he was trying to hide it. I looked away and as I glanced back he had his hand down his pants touching himself. Before I could comment the bell went.

Matt was coming over so we started walking home along the quiet bike track. We were talking about our day when he brought up the topic of porn. He mentioned the two guys and how he saw them both jerk off and he said it made him feel so horny. I didn't want to sound dumb so I didn't ask what he was talking about. He then asked if I masturbated I said no. He said I do everyday sometimes more than once. He said he wanted to do it so badly during class that he had actually made a start. Just talking about it had given him another boner. We were walking past some bushes and he asked if I would sit and wait about 15 minutes while he went in and finished what he had started. I said I would but I would prefer to be with him so I don't get murdered or something. He said it would be alright but I would have to face the other way. I went and sat facing away but my curiosity got the better of me and I glanced round and saw him standing with a giant boner full on masturbating. He started to jerk before letting out giant streams of cum all over himself and the ground. This got me so turned on that I started experimenting with myself. I fingered but nothing felt right. He called out and said he had done.

We got home and sat in my room like we always do. We started talking about things and then we started talking about who we find hot. I said Johnny and he said Erin. Then he started shifting on his chair before lifting his knees. I knew he wanted to play with himself so I asked. He said he would, and asked if I wanted to see. I said I would but then he said I could only see if I got totally naked. So we both stripped down and he started pulling his foreskin back and forth over the head. I then said I wanted to join but didn't know where to start. He grabbed my hand and pointed out the clit. Before long he had started getting louder and he fell back on the chair groaning and letting out ropes of cum all over my floor. He then said your turn. So with my finger on my clit I started rubbing. I lay flat on my back legs spread wide open facing him. I started to feel so good and my breathing got heavier and heavier. My back started to raise as I started feeling tingly. I then experienced the most intense orgasm ever. It was my first. I couldn't breathe. It was amazing but then Matt came over and started touching my nipples slowly. It was amazing. I felt his still rock hard dick against my leg. He then moved and put his dick in-between my still quite flat chest. It all felt so good.

I rubbed my clit and he touched it with me. Oh it was so amazing I couldn't believe it. Omg I wanted it to keep going and going. We would have kept going except I heard my mums car pull in the drive.

That was the first but certainly not the last time I did it with Matt. We grew feelings for each other and we are still going steady today.



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