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Wanking With H

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I am now happily married, but the curious streak I developed at school 20 years ago has never left me completely. I went to an all boys UK public school, (say no more I hear many of you saying!) As a 16/17-year-old my hormones were constantly running high. In those days I wanked off three or four times each day, usually in the toilet cubicle but also in whatever peaceful room I could find.

Throughout our teenage schooldays, my friend H and I were always close, but we gradually became more open and sexually familiar with one another. We started very gradually by proudly displaying 'tents' in our trousers whenever we discussed sex or shared porn mags together. We teased each other about how excited we had become, but one evening we went a little further and both squeezed one another's hard ons through each other's trousers. At that stage I just knew things would develop further!

I asked H to follow me into the nearby woods. I guess he knew that this might be the opportunity we had both hoped for. Earlier in the evening we had been rubbing each other's cocks through our trousers and I knew that once in the woods we could take things further. I decided to unzip my fly and get my cock out. I pulled my foreskin back and allowed my cock to spring free. It twitched in anticipation in the cold autumnal air. When H made a move to check my stiffy he was surprised to find I had taken it out! This was the first time someone else had touched my cock in earnest and it felt so exciting.

I leant over to H's silhouette and fumbled with his trouser zip. His cock was semi-hard and I nearly folded in two pulling it out in an amateur fashion. Once released, it sprang to attention. It felt so hot to the touch in the cold evening air. H whispered and asked if I would like to be jacked and I said I would, but I would like to jack his first. I knelt in front of him and felt his hot cock. I moved my fingers to the tip of his cock and pulled his long foreskin that came right over his glands. I thought he would enjoy a handjob more with his foreskin pulled back, but I remember that he grimaced slightly as it got stuck half way. In the shadows of the trees I could see half his bulbous glands shining in the moonlight. That night we both stroked each other but for some reason neither of us came. I guess our nerves were too fraught this being our first time.

The next evening I asked if he would like to call into the woods again. H said he would and so at about 8.00pm, when it was almost dark we entered the wood once again. H and I quickly got our cocks out both of which had sprung to attention already! I stood behind H and held his warm rock hard cock. I was determined to finish this time and see him cum. I reached round and held the tip of his cock with thumb and forefinger and worked his foreskin up and down over his shiny cock head. Being tight it would only pull back halfway, something I found quite unusual at the time. I since found out that H found it quite painful to pull his foreskin right back, but in those early days, I guess he didn't want to complain! As my right hand wanked his cock, my left hand gently cupped and squeezed his hairy ball bag. I found myself wanking him just as I liked to wank myself! After only three or four minutes H said he was going to cum. I felt his cock twitch and spasm in my hand, his balls contracting tightly into his sack. I could hear his spunk splattering on the leaf litter on the woodland floor.

H then zipped his cock away and turned round to face me asking if I needed to be wanked. As if he needed to ask, too right! We swapped roles and he stood behind me. H asked how I liked it done and I mumbled that what he was doing was fine! He had a very different technique to me and wrapped his whole hand around my shaft squeezing it, as you would do as if you were milking a cow's teat. I ached for him to stretch my foreskin tight back as I liked to do, but just as H had done earlier, I didn't want to complain about what he was doing to me and his alternative wanking style. A few minutes later I grunted and spunk flew from my cock into the darkness beyond. At that stage a feeling of relief and guilt came over me. I guess H had felt exactly the same just before he offered to wank me. It was a bizarre feeling and one that I was to have with H several times over the next couple of years. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but when I got that horny feeling with H who appeared happy to wank with me, I couldn't help myself! The enjoyment of mutual masturbation far outweighed any guilt that followed! Each time was so exciting as I wondered if H was feeling as I did, or whether guilty feelings had put him off wanking together ever again.

As we both went on to the same college after school, we ended up as wank buddies for about three years. H's cock was very different to mine, as was his wanking style. During that time I learnt how he liked to be wanked just as he learnt my favoured style. His cock bent slightly to the left, mine was straight. His cock was slightly longer than mine, particularly when limp. He had a long tight foreskin; mine was shorter and quite loose. He produced pre-cum, whereas I didn't. I could repeat, whilst he only ever came once. I could go on, but as you might gather I got to know his cock very intimately!

In fact I can still picture his cock clearly in my mind today. Those were fun years. If you happen to read this H, please make a comment or write another story about what you remember!



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