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Wanking With Friend

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It was a dreaded school project. We had to do it in pairs. The deadline was looming and we were only about halfway through.

Kevin was my good friend since we were 15, and we always did projects together unless the teacher assigned us groups. As we interacted a lot with each other, a thought popped up in my mind. A lot of my classmates talked about wanking and watching porn while doing it, and I was curious to know if Kevin did surf porn to relieve himself. So when he went to the bathroom for a piss, out of curiosity, I quickly clicked the history button on his computer and to my surprise, I found a few porn sites there.

Just as I was looking through his viewing history, Kevin walked back into the room. By then I was already getting a boner from the thought that Kevin, an obedient boy in class, was actually surfing porn. I quickly tried to cover up the bulge in my pants and closed his viewing history. Fortunately he didn't see anything.

So as we were continuing with our project, my mind started drifting away and I was getting curious about his wanking habits again. So I plucked up the courage and asked him, 'Kevin, how often do you wank?'

Kevin was obviously surprised by my question, but quickly replied, 'Well, about three times a week.'

Pretending that I did not see his viewing history, I asked again, 'So, do you surf porn while getting off?'

Kevin looked a bit suspiciously at me, but I responded, 'Oh, don't worry, almost all guys our age do it.'

By this time I could see that he was sporting a boner too, and not wanting to let this opportunity pass, I suggested, 'How about a wank before we get bored to death with the project?'

Kevin smiled, and nodded his head. Soon, we started checking out some porn sites on the internet. Before long, we spontaneously took off our pants for more comfortable wank. I realised that our dicks were about the same size and length, and was comforted by the fact since I had always thought that my dick was on the small side. Both of us were cut, and he was the first to comment, 'Hey. I didn't know you were circumcised too.' I was thinking exactly the same thing.

With the porn videos still playing, we lay down on Kevin's bed and continued stroking our dicks. I looked at Kevin's well-toned body and wow, I knew he was really hot. Kevin caught me looking at him, and said, 'Come on, wanna help each other out?'

I had never touched another guy's penis before, but was excited by the thought. I grinned, and turned over to face him. His dick was throbbing and I quickly grabbed hold of it and started stroking it, slowly at first. He moaned with pleasure. I wanted to prolong the experience, so I did not touch my own dick during the process.

Soon, Kevin groaned, 'Yeah, I'm gonna cum!' and three ropes of thick cum shot out and landed onto his chest, and some leaked onto my hand. The feeling of warm cum on my hands turned me on even more, and I quickly flopped onto my back and let Kevin do the job for me. But before he lay his hands on my dick, he came close to me, his hands caressing my inner thighs. It felt heavenly. He really knew how to create the atmosphere. I wonder if he had already done his girlfriend before, as he was good at it.

Soon he wrapped his hand over my dick, and the feeling of someone else's hand on my dick was great! He started slowly, and while he started increasing the speed, I was already feeling on the verge of orgasming. He quickly slowed down, and started picking up the pace again. I was about to cum, and asked him to slow down, but he went even faster, and before long, I shot my biggest load ever. I smiled with pleasure.

Looking at each other mischievously, we knew that this won't be the last such experience.

Although it was hard getting back onto the project at hand, we suddenly felt a greater inspiration to finish our work, and to our surprise, we managed to complete the daunting task before long. It was already late in the evening, and he said, 'Want to stay over?'

'Sure!' I replied without hesitation. I knew it was time to relive the experience of this afternoon.



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