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Wanking With a Plump Co-Worker

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I am pleased to report on progress made with one of my large-breasted female coworkers. I am familiar with bras in the A thru D range however Daisy's are quite a bit further down the alphabet.


The firm I work for gets certain job categories together outside of the work environment. A large group of us have just returned from the latest of these think-tank sessions.

Our first evening in the hotel, around about 10 pm the hot tub adjacent to the pool had filled up with about a dozen from my department; however I had not been able to join in the water activities as I had not brought my swimsuit along. I noticed that Daisy would alternate between the hot tub and the much-colder swimming pool. She was wearing a modest full-length suit, the 'blouse' top of which covered her plump stomach and concealed most of her ample breasts, although, it did show her deep cleavage. Each time she spent a few minutes in the pool her nipples would become erect, as if there were a baby's fist in each cup of her bra. A few minutes in the warm Jacuzzi caused these to disappear, only to reappear again in the colder water of the pool. I was sitting in a poolside chair near both venues and concealing a raging hard-on as I watched her.

Just before 11 the night manager closed the pool area. It took several elevators to take us all back to our floors, Daisy and I ending up alone in the last car. I was planning on going back to my room and jerking off, when Daisy asked if I'd like to join her suite's Jacuzzi.

I said, 'Yes, Daisy, I would, but I don't have my suit.'

She replied, 'Forget your suit, you can wear your underpants!'

I followed her into her room; she closed the drapes and turned on the faucet, as she lit five or six tub side candles she explained that she was a bit shy and didn't want the lights on and I lamely agreed I didn't either. She also said she'd need a few moments in the bathroom.

As she disappeared I began to remove my clothes and folded them neatly on a chair. I noticed that the front of my underwear was soaked with pre-cum; I pulled them down and began stroking my throbbing cock. I'm not particularly long, but the longer I'm horny the thicker I become. I heard the bathroom door open and hurriedly pulled my underwear up.

She exclaimed 'Oh, having a bit of a wank, were we!'

I was still facing away from her, so I stepped into the bath, lowering myself into the water, then turning to face her with a sheepish grin on my face. Next my mouth dropped open, and she must have seen my eyes big as saucers. As she strode across the room toward the tub I could see all that she wore was a tiny fluorescent green thong. It was almost lost amongst her plump rolls. Her pubic hair was thick and dark, with her bush much larger than her thong. Instead of her large breasts hanging far down as I expected, they were actually quite perky.

She climbed carefully over the side of the tub and lowered herself slowly into the rising water. We sat for a moment, our legs entangled, not knowing quite what to do.

She said, 'Why don't you turn 'round and rest your back against me?'

I turned around and lay back against her chest. I could feel her hands kneading my shoulder muscles, her breasts floating under my armpits. She kissed the back of my neck, then just under my ears on each side. In the candlelight I could see her large dark areolas, about five inches in diameter. The nipples themselves were like purple plums. I folded my right arm and caressed the tip of her breast with my palm. I heard her exhale loudly, then a whimper. With my left hand I reached backward past my side and probed her slit with my fingers. I felt her hands moved down my sides, begin pushing my shorts down as far as she could.

She said, 'You won't be needing these' and with her right hand she pulled my cock free. I am six and a half inches when erect, but this was not enough to break the surface of the water. She began stroking me with a fast and hard down stroke, followed by a slow return that almost pulled my foreskin to the very end. At first it felt quite rough but after a minute or so it was amazing. My orgasm started to build in me and her grip flew up and down the full length of my throbbing shaft. I tensed my abdominal muscles and waited for the inevitable explosion. Suddenly a convulsive throb wracked me and a thick jet of white fluid shot out of my penis, dissipating in the swirling water. I immediately grasped her hand as the second convulsive spurt shot out. It felt wonderful, as I had not cum in a week or more and the successive wads of sperm disappeared from sight. Daisy continued her grip around my cock until she could sense the waves of pleasure had subsided and then kissed my neck.

She commented, 'There, we've got that out of the way, now we can relax!'

At that moment the jet timer shut off and the room became strangely quiet. I turned half round, looked at her, telling I didn't know what to say. She told me it was okay and that I didn't have to say anything. We laid back and rested for a minute or two before I began to tease her nipples until they were standing up. I then squeezed them and rolled them between my fingers until she started to gasp.

'Will you bring me off now, please?' she asked.'

I replied 'Yes, of course! What would you care for?'

She rose up, moving forward on her knees to rest her elbows on the towel at the side of the tub.

'Get behind me, finger me gently please!' was her request.

I moved slightly to rest on my lower legs. My hands moved to her hips and I slowly began to slip her thong down her legs. She moved her knees slightly farther apart. Now I had a beautiful candlelit view of the white orbs of her bottom, her large outer labia, and her rosebud-pink anus. I moved my right hand to trace her bottom, sliding my fingers oh so lightly along her groin. I let my first two fingers slide along the length of her cunt, now feeling so lubricated. I teased her by inserting just the tip of one finger between her outer lips, slowly moving it along and forward until I reached her clitoris. Her clit was large, like the last joint of my small finger. It was firm to my touch and I started to rub there. Then I slipped my thumb up into her vagina. By now she was breathing heavily, squirming with pleasure and was beginning to moan.

As my right hand was working her field, I grasped my own throbbing, rising member in my left hand and began to stroke it. I was on my knees behind her now. The tip began to poke the seam between her leg and her bottom. After a few minutes her own thrusting became more intense, she gripped my thumb tighter, her back arched, and a loud gasp signalled her orgasm. I continued to stroke myself, pressing my tip harder against her leg. She reached between her legs, still with my hand in her bush. I slowly withdrew my thumb from her cunt and she slowly turned round, looking into my face. We kissed passionately, her arms wrapped around me, my free right arm around her waist.

As if she suddenly noticed I was still stroking myself, she said 'Oh! Here, let me do that for you!'

We were both on our knees now, very close together and her hand replaced mine on my cock. I could feel her burying the head of my cock into her thick pubic hair and the sensation was wonderful. Her hand picked up the rhythm, as she continued stroking me until I exploded my cum onto her belly.

We lay in each other's arms on the bed for some time. We dozed on and off, as the candles burned lower. Before I left to go back to my room we both agreed that this thing would remain our secret. In particular, our co-workers must not find out. We don't know if anything will happen in the future, but perhaps another time, another place, another story.



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