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Wanking Together & Alone

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Wanking together and alone
I'm in my early 30s now, and divorced, and still masturbate almost daily. I'm not currently in a relationship, and retain my liking for porn films (nothing violent or underage). So I either watch them at home or go to a porn cinema in London where there are lots of others like me getting off on the screen action.
I started masturbating properly (i.e. with ejaculation) at 13. But I remember when I was six years old playing with my erection in a changing room cubicle at the local cricket club. I had never seen a naked man before, and one day my dad took me to play in a fathers-and-sons cricket match. While dressing afterwards, the door of my cubicle was open slightly and I could see all these bare-arsed men walking around, and I found it facinating, especially these great big things hanging at the front; much bigger than mine, and with hair above them! It gave me an erection, and I remember sitting on the seat and fiddling with my dick whilst looking at the men changing.
Several years later I was lying in bed one evening, with the lights on, looking up at my poster of Debbie Harry (from the band Blondie) on the wall, and I got a stonking erection. [NB. I finally got to see them in concert in Brighton, England in 1999]. By then my mother had remarried and I had a stepbrother, and we shared a room. I was just 13 and he was 15 or 16. I remember he said something funny about the tent I had made with my blankets, and he asked if I was going to have a 'wank'. I didn't really know what he was talking about as I'd never had one of those things, but I vaguely knew it was about playing with yourself. I asked him if he'd ever done it, and he said yes, a lot. I admitted I wasn't sure how, so he offered to show me how to do it, and I said ok.
He threw back his blankets and pulled down his pyjama bottoms. He was already hard and proceeded to grip it with his fist and move it up and down his dick (which I remember as being particularly large; I think he developed early). So I did the same, matching his technique and pace. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, he suddenly groaned and shook and thick white spunk spurted out his dick onto his chest and stomach. Within seconds I had an orgasm (the likes of which I've never had since) which was electrifying, but I only had a bit of clear fluid come out.
From then on we did it every night, and had competitions to see who could cum first, the furthest, etc. Soon I was shooting loads and could match his distance (and my dick got bigger qucikly too, I'm glad to say). Great fun those days.
At about the age of 15, there were a few of us lads who would go into the back field behind our houses with 'dirty' magazines (Color Climax types) and toss off. Again, it was all about competition, measuring our dicks, spurting the farthest, and so on. There was no touching of each other involved at all. We once got caught mid-wank by some girls and stopped meeting up for a while. Nowadays I'd be back there the next day!
I soon got into adult videos and would masturbate to those, at a neighbour's house. When I got married, my wife didn't like them (although she loved sex!) and so I stashed them away and didn't watch them for years, but would still masturbate occasionally. Now I'm divorced, I'm back into them and love to pull my dick, going through phases of doing it twice a day and then maybe a week or two without a wank. But I know it's something I'll always do, even if I wed again one day.



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