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Wanking on My Harley

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I love the sun and being naked and I have always loved to be caught wanking by girls. Over the years I have had or should say have made the opportunity to be caught many times. I love the look and excitement on the girls faces when they catch me.

I am not a body builder, however, I am in very good shape. I am naturally athletic. All the girls I have known have always told me I have a great body.

One way I have found to show off is to wank as I ride my Harley Davidson. I can drive for miles dressed in boots, Black Chaps (the leather cowboy pants that are croch-less you see in the cowboy movies, Bikers wear them over there pants to keep warm and protect them if they fall.) and a gray tee shirt. I tuck a long tee shirt in under the belt of the chaps. I also wear a pair of gray or black gym shorts. I then pull up the back of the shorts into the crack of my ass so more of my leg shows and I pull the front of the shorts to the side so my fat cock is exposed too. When I ride the bike this way with the tee shirt tucked in and hanging down blowing in the wind and the shorts pulled up it looks as if I do not have on the shorts. I then go out riding on the highway. I like riding on at lest a 3 lane highway.

This is a true story

One hot summer day I took a trip down the coast. I was keeping an eye open for cars or small trucks with girls in them. I make sure there are no Kids in the car. I am looking for just the right one. I want one that will enjoy the show. So I never let them see my cock right off in case they are put off by what they see. I keep it under the tee shirt. Now I have been stroking my cock for an hour or 2 so at times it is rock hard and at others it is at 1/2 mast. Ether way from cars on the road it looks as if I do not have anything under the tee shirt but a big fat package. At this particular time my cock was at 1/2 mast when I came up on a blue car with a girl in it that must have been in her early 20s very hot looking face and upper body from what I can see. I pull up on the left side of her car and slowly pass her. Now the fact that I have a bike and slowly pull up along side of a car makes most people look over and she does. I watch out from the corner of my sunglasses to see her reaction. She looks over. She has passed the first test so I then pull pass her and look in the rear view mirror to see if she speeds up to get a better look. My cock is growing to full size and is now pocking the tee shirt straight up. She pulls right up beside me and is looking over. It is at this time that I usually let them take in the sight for a few minuets before looking over at them to catch them looking and then I act surprised that the see me like this and put my hand over my tee shirt to push it down. A lot of times they laugh the kind of laugh that you know they love it but they find it amusing that I am hard and it gets me going so much. I just love it as they look and laugh. However, she drops back before I get a chance to do that so I drive on looking for another audience.

I pass several cars but no luck and am now driving on the open road with no one around. My cock is starting to deflate a bit when a car pulls up beside me. I am caught by surprise and look over hoping it is not some guy. But it blows me away; it is the girl in the blue car, she has a camera out and is laughing as she takes photos. It now dawns on me why she slows down. She was looking for her cameras. I put my hand on my cock that has grown to full size and push it down. She laughs some more. I then pull the tee shirt back and show my cock. We are driving in the 2 slower lanes now side by side at the same speed as I start to wank. God I am so hard and excited. I shoot my load all over my self. The wind blowing the cum all over me. I move my hand to my mouth and lick it clean as she continues to snap photos of me. GOD it was the best wank I had had. I still get hard thinking of her looking at the photos or showing all her girlfriends.



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