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Wanking in Front of David and Ian

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This is a true story that pre dates my previous submissions, Watched by my niece and her friend, Wanking with niece and her friend, Another wank with my niece. (Links?)


This story pre dates my previous submissions by quite a few years; it is a true story about wanking in front of a friend called David and his brother in law Ian. I had met David in my first year of high school, he was in the second year; he was the first person to talk to me about wanking and asked if I had started yet? I didn't know what he was talking about so he explained what he did and that I should try it. That night in bed I pushed the covers back pulled my pyjama bottoms down and played with my hard little cock till I had a dry orgasm, WOW what a sensation, of course over the coming months I perfected my technique and discovered the joys of masturbation and started to ejaculate till I was a fully fledged wanker, I wanked all the time and in fact I still do, only now I have a big hard cock. I saw David at school and told him about wanking and he said great isn't it, and I had to agree. We never saw each other out of school as we lived too far apart and eventually lost touch when he left a year before me.

A few years after I had left school and was 17 and working in a supermarket he came looking for me as he had news of a new factory opening and there were good paying jobs going, it was nice that he thought of me after all this time. Anyway we started to hang out together as he now had a car and we could go anywhere we wanted, he was a keen angler and lived quite near a river that he liked to fish regularly, he would come into town and pick me up and we would go fishing or just hang at his house, he had recently married a girl he met (in a bit too much haste I thought) and was having regular sex which he would tell me about if I asked. I was going out with a girl from work who was very sexually experienced and four years older than me, she broke my cherry and taught me things I have never forgotten and still use to this day, the sex was fantastic, she also knew that I wanked a lot and was keen to help out with my wanking education which included the best ways to wank a woman off.

Anyway back to the story, we were fishing on the river near David's house but without any luck, we carried on for bit then decided to call it a day, but before that I said I need a piss, so went a little way up the river bank and turned my back on him to piss, I got my cock out and started pissing and as I finished I found myself getting a semi on so pumped it up a bit and turned to David and said, here bait your hook with this!! That'll get them biting, he looked at my cock and his expression was one of shock and awe as he mumbled something about the wrong type of bait, so I zipped up and we packed in for the day, on the walk back to his house he was very quiet and I thought I had upset him by showing him my cock but as it turned out it was quite the opposite.

The weeks went by as usual with us hanging out or fishing but I had noticed that he talked about sex and wanking a lot more and went out of his way to tell me that he had either fucked the wife or had a wank on the bog and would ask me what I had been doing sex wise, I told him in graphic detail about my girlfriends love of oral sex both giving and receiving and any wanking I had done as well (which was usually quite a lot). The next weekend we were walking across the fields to the river and he was talking about sex again and admitted he had never gone down on his wife, I asked him how he got her wet and he replied a quick finger then whack it in. The poor girl wasn't even ready or aroused and he had his cock in her till he shot then rolled over and went to sleep.

I told him the right way to do it and all about my girlfriend and I in the 69 position licking and sucking each other till we were ready to fuck. This obviously had some effect on him because a little further on across the field he stopped and said, all this sex talk is making me horny I think I'll have a wank, I was amazed at this statement and said to him go on then, he unzipped his fly and pulled out a totally flacid uncut cock and started rolling his foreskin back and forth trying to get it hard, as I stood watching him trying to get an erection I had no such problems as my cock was hard and ready to burst out of my jeans, I said to him I think I'll join you and have a wank as I unzipped my jeans and pulled my hard cock over the top of my underpants and out into view, his eyes were drawn straight to it and he watched as I started wanking while still trying to coax his cock into life.

I knew he was impressed by the size of my cock so I said sod this if I am going to wank I am doing it right, so I undid my jeans and pushed them and my pants down to my ankles then stood up and showed David my full erection and tight ballbag. He stopped rubbing his cock as he looked at mine and said WOW what a monster, he wasn't wrong, a cut seven and half inches with a good girth and a lovely curve to the left, I gripped my shaft and started to wank while he watched. After a few minutes I said to him are you joining in? he put his soft cock back in his pants and said no I think I will just watch you. Ok then I replied as I got down to the serious business of masturbation, he moved a little closer to me and watched as I wanked and commented on my technique which is to stop and tickle my balls and then run a fingertip all the way up the underside of my shaft paying extra attention to the frenulum before starting again.

I told him this was how I liked to do it ever since those first wanks after he told me about it in high school. Because of the sexually charged situation I was in and the wanking talk it wasn't long before I felt my orgasm approaching, I said I am ready to cum and stopped wanking and started edging. He said what are you doing? So I explained how I liked to delay cumming sometimes to prolong the pleasure but hadn't quite got my technique sorted yet and more often than not I took myself too close to the edge to stop, which is exactly what happened next. I had started slowly wanking and had got too close to stop my orgasm so I speeded up and said I am cumming, and as he watched my orgasm hit I said OH FUCK YEAH and shot three good wads of cum onto the ground and the rest ran down my hand as I pumped it all out of me. Eventually I stopped wanking and let go of my cock and brought my hand up and licked my cum off it, he said what are you doing? I replied that this was something else I had always done from the beginning as I loved the taste of my cum. I cleaned the cum off my fingers then reached down to my softening cock and wiped a dribble of cum off the end and ate that too, I pulled my pants and jeans back up and said I enjoyed that and I think you did too? He said he had and I said it's a pity you couldn't get hard and join in, as we set off to the river he said he normally got hard no problem but didn't know what happened today and then told me his cock was as long as mine but nowhere near as thick. I said yeah ok but I'll believe it when I see it, he said next time I'll show you, as it happened next time was only a week away.

The next Saturday he had been into town and then picked me up and driven us back to his house, when we got there his wife was home with her 15 year old brother Ian, we all had a cup of tea and a chat then his wife said I am going to walk over to a friends house can you pick me up later when you drop Ian off? David said ok I'll see you later. After she had left David immediately started talking about sex and wanking and went to get some porn magazines out for us to look at, we all thumbed through the mags and talked about the women in them and what we would like to do to them. I don't know if David was hard but I was and I am pretty sure Ian was too, he then started quizzing Ian about his wanking habits and how often he did it. Ian admitted that he loved to wank his big cock as much as possible, to which David replied you've got a big cock then? Ian said in his eyes it was a big one, not as big as his I'll bet said David nodding in my direction, oh yes said Ian and how do you know what size his cock is then?

David looked at me and said can I tell him? I nodded yes and he explained what had happened the previous weekend and that was how he knew, because of all this talk of wanking and the magazines my cock was rock hard and ready for action. Ian then surprised me by asking if I would show him my big cock, I was a little taken aback by this request but as he pointed out I had shown it to David so I said ok then. I stood up undid my jeans and pushed them and my pants down to my ankles exposing my hard cock and tight ball bag to them both. David said I told you it was big and Ian nodded in agreement and said that is impressive, my erection throbbed and twitched in front of them and a little bead of precum oozed from the urethra as I said this is not going to waste, if its ok with you two I am going have a wank, they both said go for it so I sat down and started stroking my balls and then slowly started wanking.

They both sat in silence as they watched me wanking my hard cock and boy was it hard, wanking in front of two people had a major effect on my erection and I had to slow down otherwise I would have cum too soon. After a short while watching me Ian said this is so fucking horny I am going to have to wank before my cock bursts out of my pants. I stopped wanking and watched as he stood up and pulled his trousers and pants down to expose his erection to us. He was right in his estimation of size as he was sporting a good six inches of uncut cock with a girth similar to mine but with a straight shaft and large glans, he looked at David and said I told you it was big and David replied yes it is but not as big as his. I said never mind him that's a nice big cock, now let me see you wank it, he sat down and started stroking and pulling at his hard cock paying special attention to the foreskin as he rolled it back and forth over the big head. His technique was different to mine in that he didn't stop and tickle his balls like I did he just concentrated on the shaft and head.

After a while he stopped and looked at David and said are you going to join us? I think David was hard this time but either didn't want to wank in front of others or was intimidated by the two big cocks in his presence, either way he declined to join in and said he would just watch if that was ok? As I had wanked in front of him before it wasn't a problem for me and Ian also said yes ok then, David then suggested that he and I swapped seats so I could sit on the sofa next to Ian and he could watch from the armchair, so I stood up and shuffled across to the sofa and sat down next to Ian as David parked himself in the armchair to watch. I started wanking as I watched Ian wanking, David may as well not have been there because all Ian and I were interested I was watching each other wank our cocks, we watched and wanked for a short time then I said to Ian are you ok because I am having a great time doing this, its such a turn on, he said he was fine and he agreed it was a great turn on, after a few more minutes I said I am nearly ready to cum how about you? He said not long now, wait for me and we can cum together.

So I started to edge as he kept wanking till he said right I am ready to cum, I pulled my t-shirt up to my chin so I could cum onto my chest and belly and he did the same then we both went for it and wanked ourselves to orgasm. I had speeded up my strokes and said OH FUCK here I go as I orgasmed and my body tensed as I shot wad after wad of hot cum all over myself moaning and groaning with pleasure as I did so. Before my orgasm had subsided Ian said OH YES I'M GONNA CUM and he too tensed and shot an unbelievably large amount of cum all over his body and the sofa too, him seeing me cumming had sent him over the edge and he started to cum before mine had finished, by the time my orgasm was over and I was lying back in the warm afterglow Ian had finished too and was also enjoying a nice afterglow.

As we lay there spent I said fucking hell Ian that was a great wank thank you for joining in, he replied thank you for making me want to wank after seeing your big hard cock, we both looked across to David who was sitting very quiet and obviously turned on but unable or unwilling to do anything about it when he said good show lads I enjoyed that in my own way but not as much as you did by the looks of it. I started wiping cum off my body and eating it much to Ian's surprise I said try it you might like it, I always lick as much of my cum up as I can because I love the taste, he wiped some of his cum onto a finger and tentively put in his mouth, he ate it but I don't think he was convinced it was a good idea, he pulled some tissues from his jacket pocket and cleaned himself up as I cleaned myself up by wiping and licking, we both stood up and pulled our pants and trousers up and decided to do it again some time.

The strange thing was whenever I saw Ian again this was never mentioned and even David had given up talking about it, I tried to wank in front of him once more after he was staying over at my house, and after showing him his bed and leaving him to get ready I went to my room stripped naked and walked back to his room with a nice semi and said do you want to watch me wank David. He was half asleep by this time and probably didn't realise I was naked and semi hard next to him, he muttered something about going to sleep and turned over. I lost my semi and went to bed. The next day he said nothing and neither did I and the subject was never mentioned again. My girlfriend was starting to get serious and wanted me to herself so I saw less and less of him until we lost touch completely, I still see him on the roads occasionally as he is a coach driver, but I always remember that summer.



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