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Wanking in a Shop

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Some years ago I found an interesting shop in a back street near Salisbury station (it's not there now), which had been advertised in a newspaper. Nothing was displayed in the windows, which were curtained, but inside was a collection of merchandise which I imagine was sold mainly by mail order. Most of it consisted of sexy garments, underwear, a good deal of leather, and so on. The young chap at the counter told me that upstairs these items were being made by the girls on his staff.
In one box I found a curious little contraption made of small leather straps which could be fastened together by substantial press-studs. I ventured to ask what it was for, and heard that it was a 'cock and ball strap'. Feeling rather daring, and noticing a curtained cubicle set aside as a changing room, I asked if I could try it on. My request was granted, so I went behind the flimsy black curtain and switched on the light, which was very bright. I took off my trousers and pants, and wearing only a shirt tried to work out how to fit the gadget round my sexual organs, which were already beginning to swell with excitement. I had some difficulty because the hairs kept getting trapped when I closed the press studs, and I couldn't quite fathom which strap went where. Emboldened by my increasing sexual desire I stepped back into the shop and asked the bloke behind the counter for some assistance. Although he did not attempt to touch my engorged cock, he was able to explain how to connect the little straps, so that two went round the upper part of my balls, forcing them to stick out like balloons, and other pieces encirled both the base of my cock (now fully erect) and also the top end of it. My erect cock measures no more than six inches long, but is two inches wide, so it was quite a sight. He regarded it solemnly, and I retreated to the changing room. I had already realised that the bare bulb was so bright, and the black curtain so thin, that he must have arranged this deliberately in order to see through it.
Anyway, I took off the device, and had a very strong feeling that I just had to relieve all the tension that had built up, by ejaculating all my sperm as soon as possible. I should add that the shopkeeper had already locked the shop door when I appeared half naked before him.
I was so desperate that I went back to the counter with my cock sticking straight up and said 'Do you think I could do something about this?' Fortunately he said yes, and actually fetched a couple of pieces of kitchen roll. For an even bigger thrill I took off my shirt and stood naked before him in front of the counter. I took the paper in my left hand and began massaging my circumcised cock as he looked on. It was not long before a glorious glow built up around the upper part of my thighs, spreading quickly over my whole body. My knees were shaking uncontrollably by this point, and my cock had become really bloated along its whole length, and especially the bell-shaped end, where I saw the little whole gaping open as if waiting for the great climax.
The I felt that wonderful churning and mixing feeling, as all the juices came together behind my balls, and suddenly it felt as if a catapult had been drawn back so far that it was impossible to stretch the elastic any further.
I stopped massaging the taut skin and waited for what must have been about five seconds of expectation. Then suddenly the gates of paradise opened for me, as a great
thick packet of spunk shot through my cock and out on to the paper I was holding, making a big yellow pool of sticky gum. The feeling was absolutely ecstatic, but a second later another great spurt came, then another, then four more before my entire load had forced its way through my throbbing urethra.
When I had recovered my senses, I asked if this had ever happened in his shop before, and I was glad to hear him reply 'Yes, it does from time to time'.



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