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Wanking Fun Since Age 13

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I read a story about strip poker on this site which reminded me how I got started on mutual masturbation.


When I was just turned 13 I went to stay with my friend James who had moved across town. When I was 8 or 9 we used to play touching games with each other and we sometimes did this in front of his sister, Dawn. This all stopped when he was about 12. Now I was 13, he was 15 and his sister was 13-1/2 and we never mentioned what we used to do.
When I went to stay on this occasion, we went out with Dawn as soon as I arrived and met up with some of their friends. We then mooched around the park for a while before going back to their house for some food and a drink. We then all piled up to James's room and someone suggested we play strip poker. There were three boys, James, myself and a boy called Liam who was 12-1/2. Liam's sister Natasha and her friend Lucy who were both 14 were the other two girls. We agreed to the rules. We would each draw a card, whoever had the lowest had to remove 1 item of clothing and we would keep going until only one person had clothes on and they were the winner. If someone lost a hand while they were already naked they would have to do a forfeit chosen by the rest of the group.
As we played the game us boys were losing most of the time and so we were all down to 1 or 2 items of clothing while the girls were still all well covered. James was quite proud of himself as he stripped off because he had a lot of body hair and a decent build; Liam was also a decent build for his age while I was very small and skinny. James was first to lose his underwear and he pulled down his boxers showing us all his semi-hard cock. As the girls pointed and giggled and I stared, it grew harder and bigger and it looked huge to me so I kept on staring as I hid my own little stiffy poking up in my briefs. Natasha surprised James and me by saying that her boyfriend's cock was much bigger than his. Lucy said it was still a good size and James said he knew it was a good size so he didn't care.
Natasha lost the next hand but was still well covered. Dawn lost next and she chose to take off her top, leaving her jeans on. We all stared at her bra and you could see her nipples through the material but I quickly looked back to James's hard on which interested me much more.
Liam then lost and he too had to take off his boxers. We all gasped a little and the girls laughed out loud when they saw his hard dick spring out because he was easily as big as James even though he was only 12. I was amazed because he was younger than me but his cock looked twice as long and much thicker. He also had more pubes than me. When Lucy said how he was well-hung for his age, I said 'God yeah, it's HUGE!' and they all laughed again. Natasha said 'You only got a small one then Chris?' and I just shrugged and fidgeted with my little stiffy. She laughed and said, 'We'll soon find out when we get a good look.'
Sure enough they did as I lost the next hand and I had to take off my briefs. I hesitated as I wondered whether to try to cover myself with my hands but then I decided I wasn't really bothered and I may as well let them all see. I pulled down my briefs and out popped my skinny little 3 1/2 incher. They all laughed and Natasha said, 'Oh my God, Liam's is twice as big as yours!' I again shrugged and I said, 'He's lucky, I wish I had one like that but I don't, so there's no point me crying about it.'
Dawn lost next and had to get down to just her underwear. Liam and James idly stroked their big cocks as they looked at her and I took hold of my dick and fiddled with the pre-cum that was starting to leak out of my foreskin. Liam lost again in the next hand so his forfeit was to measure his dick for us all to see. He did so with a ruler James gave him and found he was 6 inches long. They all said that was big for his age and I again said I thought he was real lucky to have such a big dick. After that Lucy finally lost a couple of hands but still remained in jeans and t-shirt then both myself and James had to pay the same forfeit as Liam. Mine was confirmed at just 3 1/2 inches while James had 5 3/4. I couldn't believe it when I then lost again.
They all whispered and giggled as they discussed my forfeit, then they all laughed loudly as they came to a decision. I was told that they could tell I really liked Liam's big dick so they decided I should wank him off. I was giggling as well when they told me and I was more excited than embarrassed by the thought of it so all I needed was for Liam to come and stand over me as I kneeled on the floor and the sight of his cock close to my face was enough to make me reach out and start to pay my 'forfeit.' I wanked him slowly at first as the girls and James all watched excitedly and then I sped up as he let out some sighs of satisfaction. I was asked if I was enjoying wanking his big cock and I said I loved it. He was asked how it felt and he admitted it felt good. Soon he was letting out grunts and his hot spunk shot out in 3 squirts, which splattered down my chest, and then the rest drooled out over my hand. They were all laughing while I was wanking my own cock over the edge and blasting my own little fountain of spunk over my stomach. At that point the game seemed to go out of everybody's head as the girls encouraged me to wank James off too. I said fine and so James stepped up and I jerked his fat cock off until he shot a huge hard load all over my face and down my body. I wiped the spunk from my eye and cheek. The girls were now jilling themselves with their hands down their knickers and I think they all came while they watched.
After that Natasha said she would bring her boyfriend Darren around the next day and they all left. Dawn went down to bed and James and I got into bed together where we had an amazing wank session. The next afternoon we met up with Liam, the girls, Natasha's boyfriend Darren and his mate Nathan. Darren and Nathan were both 15 and black.
Well that time there was no game, we all just stripped off and I wanked Liam off before wanking Darren's HUGE 8 incher and Nathan's 6-3/4 incher and then did myself while I wanked James off with my other hand. We then watched the girls play with themselves and have orgasms and by then Darren was hard again and telling me to wank his giant dick. I wanked them all off again and enjoyed every minute of it. Needless to say I was a popular visitor to James's house after that weekend.



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