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Wanking Darts Game

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I love this site, I'm from the U.K. hence I say wank rather than jack etc


This happened at my home while my parents were downstairs one evening when I had a couple of mates round for a sleep over.

We spent the early evening listerning to music and watching telly but we got bored and decided to play darts, I had a board in my bedroom. We played the usual 501 game and then round the clock. This also got boring and my mate Andy suggested we make it a bit more interesting. Andy and me had had numerous wank sessions together in the past but we had never even seen Johns cock. Andy explained the rules, we were to each throw three darts, you had to hit numbers in order from 1 to 20 one dart in each number. If in your go of three throws you missed the number you were trying to get then you had to wank the other two players for one minute.

I eagerly agreed to this as I was feeling very horny and at the very thought of this game I was starting to get hard. John was not quite so sure but he agreed to give it a go. We started to play, at first we all got at least one number in our goes (lets face it, this was not a very difficult game). I was well aware that Andy had a large bulge in the front of his jeans, so the next round I purposely missed the number I was trying to hit.

My two mates were standing in front of me so I got down on my knees and first pulled down the zip on Andy's jeans, he reached in and pulled out his virtually hard 7-inch cock. I told John to time me and then took Andys cock in my hand and started to wank him off. His cock was now fully hard and the veins running up it were throbbing and blue. Andy's cock was an inch longer than mine and a little bit thicker so it was really nice to feel a different size in my hand.

All too soon the minute was up and it was Johns turn, I told him to get his penis out which he did with no delay, obviously the sight of me wanking our mutual friend had really turned him on. He pulled down his jeans and boxers in one swift movement to reveal a small but very erect penis, I reckon it was a touch under 5-inches. This was amazing I had one mate with a big cock and one with a small one, both of them standing in front of me with hard-ons. I told Andy to start timing, then I took Johns cock in hand and gently pulled the foreskin right back to expose his glistening glans. I started to wank him in a slow but deliberate manner that was getting him really hot. Yet again the minute was over all too soon.

The dart game then rapidly lost its copetitiveness as we all seemed to have become incredibly poor shots. After the next round we had all missed the numbers we were aiming for so we all had to wank each other. John had left his jeans around his ankles while Andy had left his penis poking out of his jeans. I dropped my jeans and pushed down my black trunks which were a bit sticky on the inside from precum. Andy then took mine and Johns cocks in each hand and started to furiously wank both of us at once, he managed to keep up this pace for the whole minute. I was literally ready to shoot my load so I was glad that time was up. I then did the same to both Andy and John but at a slower speed. Both their cocks were very wet and slippery, it felt lovely. Then John took me and Andy and started to wank us. I decided to break the rules and reached down and grabbed Johns penis so we were all getting a good seeing too. It got to the minute up point, but I told John to carry on, as I couldn't bear for this pleasure to stop.

So there we stood three of us in a circle, now all naked from the waist down having a three way wank. What made it even more exciting was the fact that my parents were in the room below us. I stopped wanking John and took off the rest of my clothes so I was totally naked, Andy did the same but John left his T-shirt on. We then swapped hands and cocks so I was wanking Andy, Andy was wanking John and John was wanking me. It was a matter of a few minutes when Johns body stiffened, he said, 'I'm going to cum, stop'

Andy replied ' no way I don't mind you cumming over me'. That's exactly what happened, a big glop of white spunk flew from the tip of Johns penis and landed on Andys chest. There were three more lesser spurts that landed on his tummy and on my hand as I continued to wank Andy. The sight of this caused both me and Andy to cum at the same time. My first powerful spurt of spunk splatted John in the face, the rest landed on his T-shirt. Then Andys cum shot over my shoulder, and then the rest landed on my chest and tummy.

We mopped up and quickly got dressed. Once the pressure was released we all became a bit aware of what we'd just done. None of us ever admitted to being bisexual, yet we all had girlfriends. I think that we just enjoyed the variety at that sex craving age.

I'm now happily married with two kids. Wanking with your friends as a teenager is just part of developing and is a good fun thing to do. (but I do always wonder what my parents would have said if they'd walked in on that darts game)



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