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Wanking Cousins

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What a relief!


And I'd thought my childhood-which was filled with a variety of sexual experiences-was relatively unique! This site is great and has reminded me of some experiences which I'd almost forgotten. This one especially which at the time was something of a seminal moment (weak pun, sorry) but until I'd read some of the other posts about experimentation with family members I'd all but forgotten.

A lot of my sexual experimentation was with my two cousins but the most enjoyable, as it turned out, were with Andy (that made things confusing I can tell you) who was about 18 months younger than me. Things being what they were in the late '70s, neither of our parents then had big houses, which meant that us boys got to share beds when we visited-which in the event was great.

Ever since I can remember we'd periodically strip off for a dare and, maybe, jump up on the window sill so the people in the street might see you or watch each other peeing or shine torches [i.e. flashlights] on our dicks under the bedclothes. Quite often we'd go into the woods near his house and drop our trousers-'I'll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours' style-but up until that time we'd not actually touched each other's dicks and I don't really remember whether we would get hardons at that point.

As time went by, however, I'd found that my fumbling first attempts at masturbation-which amounted to gently stroking my erection but nothing as sophisticated as an orgasm-were increasingly accompanied by thoughts of Andy's dick, which had a longer foreskin than mine and was therefore quite fascinating.

Anyway, quite suddenly it seemed, my aunt moved to a different town which meant we didn't get to see each other quite as frequently and I think this probably added to the tension. I found myself thinking more and more about seeing Andy. I should say that we didn't just get naked with each other we did do a lot of other things bike riding, swimming, etc. as he was very much the same size as I was then, although he was younger. In many respects we were more like brothers I'd imagine.

We'd not visited for about six weeks and I'd get this really strange but quite pleasant ache in my groin whenever I thought about him. This was weird as I then had no idea what this feeling was, although it was clearly linked with my getting a hard on.

One Friday evening, upon coming out of school, my father met me in his car. This was very unusual and my immediate thought was that I was in trouble for something or other. There were probably a multitude of outstanding mischiefs that could have been discovered at that point so my mind was reeling. To give Dad his due, he put me out of my misery straightaway and told me we were going to visit my aunt as she'd asked him to help her decorate in her new home. (My uncle was in the Navy then and was away from home for nine months out of a year.) Mum had packed my clothes and we were going now! Great.

It only took about 90 minutes to get to my aunt's and Andy was anxious to take me off to a nearby derelict farm where he'd built a great hideaway under part of the roof, which had collapsed into the front yard. We spent maybe two hours patching things in his hideaway and then decided we were too hot. This was a ploy we'd used before to get naked and being honest I think we both knew what the score was-even at 11 and 12! Very quickly there we were in this hideaway, miles from the nearest road, very private and we were naked.

As I've said I had become quite fascinated with Andy's dick and from somewhere-it certainly wasn't a long contemplated move-I asked if I could touch it. Andy quickly agreed and rather than standing six feet away came and stood in front of me. He wasn't hard and put his hand underneath his dick as if offering up to my hand.

I started to gently stroke his dick, which to my surprise, quickly swelled almost immediately and became very hard. The two abiding impressions of that moment are how soft and smooth the skin of his dick was-compared to mine-and how quickly it became hard. Almost immediately my dick sprang into life and stood proud in front of me.

Once that had happened, Andy asked if he could touch mine and I quickly agreed. He gingerly touched it and then started to rub his hand quite roughly and uncomfortably down one side. At that point I asked him if he knew how to wank-not that I was an expert at that time but I knew how to make the sensation nice. He blushed slightly, I think, and, although with hindsight I don't think he actually knew what I meant, he certainly knew it was something to do with our dicks and craftily replied, 'Yes, but show me how you do it.'

I obliged by gently gripping the top of my shaft just below the ridge between by right thumb, and forefinger and middle finger (a technique I might add I was never shown but discovered 'all on my own') and then slow rubbing up and down. I then let Andy do the same but had to adjust his fingers a bit to get it right.

Wow! The Moment of Discovery! The magnitude of sensation by having someone else stroking your dick compared with doing it yourself was huge. And I liked it a lot. There was a rush of sensations and at that point I realised that a 'weird moment' I'd had some weeks before whilst lying on my stomach in bed and rubbing my hard dick against the bedsheets wasn't a 'static shock' as I'd then thought and was actually very pleasurable-the more so because there was now a definite link with being wanked off by Andy. The sensation, I now know, was one of those minor peaks of sensation you have prior to orgasm.

Anyway, Andy asked me to do the same for him and this distraction brought me back to reality. He was clearly enjoying it too as his rubbing of my dick slowed down and I could feel his dick getting really hard in jolts. Within seconds he stiffened and I could feel that his dick was now very hard. I thought for one moment that I was hurting him and went to take my hand away but he grabbed my wrist and stopped me. He grunted slightly and closed his eyes and by now I was convinced I had hurt him but could see no blood or other obvious injury. What I then saw was a few small bubbles of clear fluid on the pursed up tip of his foreskin.

It had been his first orgasm and, more to the point, he knew exactly what it was as he'd been reading an old copy of 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' he'd found in his father's wardrobe! He was really excited and-once the orgasm had finished-started dancing round saying 'I've cum, I've cum!'

The shock of still thinking I'd hurt him dulled my enthusiasm until he excitedly explained what it was all about. All I'd known up to that point was that when my dick was hard it was nice to touch it and rub it but I'd no idea about cumming. But not for long!

We strolled back to his house and later that evening-sharing a bed as we'd done for years-I excitedly entered the world of adult sexuality. I have to say that, although I'm convinced (ignoring all the bullshit we told each other at the time) that Andy was as sexually inexperienced as I was, he was nevertheless a thoughtful wanker and gave me my first orgasm.

Andy and I spent an awful lot of that weekend in the derelict farm and shared many orgasms-either as a result of mutual masturbation or individually-though with the other watching. Sometimes it would take only a few minutes, whilst at others it would take what seemed like ages but by the end of that weekend we'd developed a bond that was only split when in his mid-twenties he went to work overseas.

Not only did Andy and I share our first orgasms but we were to explore far more (schoolboy stuff I'm afraid and nothing penetrative) in subsequent weekends fueled by peeks at dirty magazines and soft porn movies on the TV. But we'll save them for future posts...



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