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Wanking and Jilling in Class

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We were in school, AND in class.


Like most girls at that age, I used to roll my skirt up to make it as short as possible. (Before UNROLLING it in time for getting home!) Our desks were in rows, and it was a double history lesson. In short, if they could bottle boredom, that would be it.

So I sat there, the lazy teacher had us read from chapter three to chapter eight which would take the whole bloody lesson. No way was she going to get off her ass and teach. So we all sat there in the hot stuffy room trying to give a damn about British Governance in the 18th century.

All of a sudden, I smelt something. Something utterly unmistakable. It was the hot, male scent of pre-cum. Now, I had only recently discovered this substance (and that is a story in itself) and I knew that one of the boys had his cock out under the desk. There was a movement in front of me and I realised that the boy was jacking off!!

Ohh how I tried to sneak a look. As it turned out I didn't need to. The teacher had seen his movements and I guess he hurridly put it away again. But it was too late. 'Now you will go and sit (pause) with the GIRLS!' the teacher said in her oh-so-snide voice. 'Let's see. Go and sit with.....(another, longer pause)... HELEN.'

So this gawky boy got up and shuffled in my direction. I could see he still had a semi on and I must admit I rather liked it. I made a show of moving as far away from him as I could, (which, as I was in the corner, wasn't far) and he slumped down beside me and put his case on the desk.

After a while the buzz of study filled the room and the teacher returned to whatever she was doing. Meanwhile, I kept staring at his crotch. It looked bigger somehow, and so I scribbled a little note. 'Teach you not to jack off in class.'

To which he replied. 'Jealous?' I suddenly realised, yeah, I was. But of course I replied. 'NO!! I can jill off anywhere I want.' Then he took my breath away with 'Yeah... I can see your knickers. Looks like you've cum already.' I looked down to see that damnit, my skirt was high enough for him to see quite a lot of my knickers, my pussy lips were visible and yes, he could see a little darker area of material. Mind you, this just made his boner stand up tenting his pants.

'Dare you to finish.' I wrote. Man, he had some courage! He shifted his chair so it was almost sideways on. No one at the nearest desk in the next row could see a thing. And he unzipped. Instantly, that male scent was everywhere and he had his cock out and was rubbing it gently. I twisted slightly too so my skirt rode up ever higher and I let my legs open revealing a few stray whisps of hair. He slumped down even more and was wanking in long slow and deliberate strokes. 'Show me your pussy.' He scribbled. I shook my head. 'Go on.' he wrote. Almost not daring to breath I put my fingers under the leg of my knickers and pulled to one side. Now it was not only his scent in the air, but mine too.

'WOW.. nice beaver' he scribbled, and I noticed the handwriting was going fast. 'R U gonna cum?' I put. 'Yes.' came the reply. I pressed in my chair so my crotch moved in his direction and it looked like I was just shifting around. Then I looked down and saw a long white rope of cum shoot out and hit my knickers, my hand and my pussy lips. Another three followed. Then he put his cock away. Meanwhile, I reached to my clit and gave her a few quick rubs and orgasmed in my knickers.

For the rest of the lesson I felt SOOO grown up!! I had jilled off in class. (OK NOT for the first time) But I had a boys cum on my knickers AND my pussy. (That WAS a first time.)

Yeah, I knew it was dangerous and I missed two periods. I was on the verge of telling mum I was pregnant when my monthly visitor returned with a vengeance. I know now that I must have miscarried, but that a lot of first pregnancies end like that. I also know I was being really dumb.

BUT I tell you what, it was and still is one of the most erotic things I have ever done.



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