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Wankin Naked

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Pervy Words


One of my favorite ways of wanking is to write pervy 'notes' as I work my drooly shank... I 'EDGE' my meaty, needy dick for as long as I can 'hold off' and just get SO OFF on seeing how 'dirty' my pervy jacked-up mind gets.... when I GIVE my bonehard..... a chance to be my.... 'muse'..

I LOVE IT WHEN MY dick 'inspires' my thoughts..it 'makes' me take my time, and gets my mind to 'override' my MOST URGENT need to cummm.....mmmm!!!

Wanking to 'words' from my MOST DOMINANT MEMBER.... for the time I GIVE it to 'have it's way'.... with my WHOLE SELF...IT IS MY DOMINATOR....(and it is A sweet, NAUGHTY TEASE)...it is ME and I am IT....together we are.... SOLOSEXUAL...... hmmmmm?????

IS it CRAZY to 'talk to your cock'....and LISTEN to it's words...and write them down? DON'T YOU want to....'listen', too? Aren't you READING.... what WE are writing....NOW ??? hmmmmmmm?????? I can't WAIT to hear.... what 'cums' next....can you?

I have been 'doing myself' this way for many years, since way before the Internet came around to give wankers a 'voice'. I had to 're-learn' dick strokin' because of a very serious hand injury to my dominant hand. It took , it seemed like... FOREVER to finally GET OFF GOOD using my non-dominant hand...the FINISHING STROKES were just...not getting me OFFFF ! ...and guys LIVE for the BIG 'O'...cummmshotttzzz!!! Gotta HAVE it !!!

I was married back then, but my mutual masturbatin' minx was OFF bein SOLDIER GIRL...also bein' 'serviced in the service'...by all the HOT recruit chicks she could seduce......whatdaya gonna do if THAT's what 'floats yer (little man in the) boat'......gotta let'em GO...if they come back... hmmmmm?? MUCH better to have SOMETHIN' than nothin' at all....YES ?

We (well actually I, at first...remember my 'muse?) sent my soldier girl steamy, sexually exxxplicit 'notes' that got her pink pussy all guuushy, and she rocked off on her pillow, and jilled off with her sistasoljas whenever she could.

ME? I JACK OFF for sex ANY time I can...did then, do now....mutual CAN be craaazyhot...and we got REAL good at playin'...ourselves'...together..,,slipperyslits and drooly dicks sexxx goood together, yes?...and what better way to get'em going good...toward gettin' off..REAL good...than goin at our naughty bits beside each other...together...WATCHIN' is GOOOD !! YES??

Turns out , once I got good at givin' my meat a good wack with my 'other' hand, and started writin' nasty notes to my 'Pvt Benjamin', that I had found a way to 'edge' my cock for HOURS as I wrote...and found a 'mood' that would come over me.... as I slowjackkked my shaaank...that was, well, 'inspirational' (to both of us)

My little soldier girl has been out of my life for many years now...such is life...and I have continued a non-stop pace of 'writin' PERVY WORDS while I WANK NAKED...been postin ALL over this (new to me) Internet for several months now....it's like all the words I had been writing...as I wanked...for YEARS n YEARS..were like a giant BALLSACK that never got jacked..and NOW I CAN't stop Jackin' n writing...I have ALL the time I want to do this ..now.

'Worked HARD all my lifetime, no help for my friends' R.I.P 'JJ' (and I WANKED HARD to my Janis Joplin poster in the Navy, posted on the 'rack'above me), n NOW this BEAST is retired and it gets a lot... not 'OUTTA HAND', but ...well...I just gotta JACK n WRITE....LOVE IT !!!

If you think I'm a little crazy...prolly right about that....but (so far) that's my story an I'm stickin' to it....

Oh, and I GOT off about an hour ago...my 'muse' is still on the job, but my 'soldier' is put away...for a while...so WE will just say....


Doctor Jack



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