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Walking Lady

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I came home from college this summer for a two week vacation before going back to school. It was fun being in my old house. My parents both work, so I had the house to myself all day long. I would get up with my parents for breakfast and then sit on our small front porch enjoying the old neighborhood for a few hours each day.

Every day a nice looking woman, probably about 70 years old, would slowly walk by the house and she would always greet me. As the days went by she began to stop to chat and after several days I asked her if she would like to sit with me on the porch and have a cold drink. Our conversations drifted from my college experiences to her circumstances. She told me that her husband had left her ten years earlier and that she lived alone. She asked if I had a girlfriend at school and I told her that I did but that I wasn't sure if we would continue to see each other.

The middle of the second week was especially hot so I asked her if she would like to go inside the house where the air conditioning was on. She said yes and we took our cool drinks inside. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but she had a long dress on. Once inside the house I asked her if she was too warm since her dress was long sleeved and went almost to the floor. She responded that she didn't wear anything under the dress and that it was the coolest way to dress in the summer.

Then she said that I would feel cooler if I didn't have such tight shorts on and suggested that I take them off. I couldn't believe that she seemed to be coming on to me. 'Go ahead,' she urged, 'pull them off and see if you don't feel cooler.' I removed the shorts and sat back down next to her on our couch in my underwear and t-shirt.

She was obviously staring at my crotch and the more she looked, the harder I got. Soon my penis was fully erect and making a tent in my lap.

'Looks like you miss your girlfriend,' she remarked. 'How long has it been since you had sex?'

I asked if she counted having sex by myself, and she laughed. 'You probably do that twice a day,' she added. Then she got a strange look on her face and asked if I wanted to masturbate in front of her. 'It's been years since I watched a man masturbate and I would love to see you do it.'

I was embarrassed and a little uncomfortable. After a moment of hesitation she turned toward me and said, 'maybe this will help you to get started.' Then she began unbuttoning her dress, starting from the top. She wasn't wearing any underwear and as she continued she revealed amazingly well proportioned breasts with long nipples which she squeezed so that I could see them grow.

'Does this inspire you?' she asked.

A few seconds later my penis was in my hand and I was stroking it.

'Go slow,' she pleaded. 'Let me catch up.'

She finished unbuttoning, spread her legs and began touching herself. 'This will take some time' she commented. 'I'm an old lady and I don't get as wet as I used to.'

I tried to slow down, but the excitement of having this near stranger next to me touching herself was more than I could take. As it became obvious to her that I was about to cum, she became stern, saying, 'not so fast, control yourself.'

But it was too late. I grunted and shot a huge load of cum that splashed on my shoulders and chest. She made a squeeking noise when she saw it and began to work on herself furiously. I continued to stroke myself even though I had already cum.

It took her several minutes, but eventually she began to make little noises and her breathing changed. Finally she gripped herself with both hands, made a gasping sound and doubled up into a near fetal position, twitching and gasping for a very long time.

She collapsed back onto the couch and by this time I was hard again and going for number two. She watched me intently all the time rubbing herself and making soft purring sounds. When I came for the second time she had a second orgasm.

After a few minutes of quiet she asked for some napkins, cleaned herself off and left. When I opened the door for her she said that she would be back the next day.



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