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Walking in on Them

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This is what happened when I accidentally caught my sister and her friend!


I never exactly learned how to masturbate, it was something I stumbled across myself. It happened about six weeks ago, before I'd even heard of this site. My sister Natasha (16) and her female friend Maryanne (also 16) were in my sister's bedroom, and I guessed they were probably watching a video or braiding their hair or whatever. Anyway it was about nine in the evening and Maryanne (I'll call her Mary) was arranged to sleep over. I was bored and to tell you the truth felt a little jealous as I had no friend to laugh with that evening and watched a James Bond film all by myself. The tape stopped so I thought, why not go and see what's going down, if they don't want me around I'll just go to bed.
I walked upstairs and along the corridor a bit to her door. I heard all this giggling through the closed door and thought there must be some game on or they're having a fight or something, seemed normal and worth joining in. I opened the door and gently pushed it - when we all saw each other we froze, me amazed and them embarrassed being redder than a beetroot! They sat bolt upright with a duvet wrapped up to each other's necks held tight by sweaty hands - on the floor were scattered clothes! I hadn't been with anyone before and as they were both girls I really didn't know what was going on!
Well, of all the things to do I guess I chose the worst of them all. I let myself feel all tickly and had to run pretending I was disgusted when really, well to be honest I kinda felt all chirpy and cheerful deep inside. I continued bounding along to my room and shut the door and locked it behind me. I leapt onto my bed and pulled off my t-shirt and jeans and slid down my panties and unclipped my bra. It wasn't like choosing to, it was like something was doing it and I was just watching or something, like a dream. I'd heard about this thing called mastra-bating or something I thought at the time, but never really gave it much thought. Now I felt myself like all wet I thought maybe I should give it a try. I touched myself and like instantly I felt a rush and tingle, short but lovely. I started to rub myself and in a few seconds I had rushed thru my body. I was loving this! I pressed a bit harder, put my fingers in the wet a bit, and woooow! I had a huge shudder and then an awesome wave of lovely feelings. I think I had an orgasm! Ooh I loved it!
The next thing I remember was my sister leaning over me saying 'Katie Katie, what happened are you ok' in a kinda worried tone. I opened my eyes and it was about one in the morning - I apparently passed out. Natasha had managed to wrestle my door lock open using the spare key to try and push my one out, and was now wearing a horrified face! Then she spotted my hand on my crotch and blushed. I fessed up to feeling all giddy when I thought about her and Mary, and she briefly kissed me on the lips and comforted me. Apparently Mary was asleep and wouldn't miss her (I only realize now what she meant when she said she'll be sleeping for a good few hours!) and so she'd lie with me all night and we'd talk til we fell asleep.
After a while she'd taught me all about what masturbation was, how much she did it, and then eventually I managed to get out of her what was going on with her and Mary. I accidentally let slip I wanted her to show me what they do, but I thought that would be wrong so pretended to fall asleep to hide my embarrassment. We fell asleep soon after (for real) and woke up before Mary and that ended that!



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