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Walked in on My Son - Pt 4

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It's been about a week or so since I finally walked around the house naked in front of my son and overall, there really hasn't been much to tell. As I said before walking around nude wasn't going to be an everyday thing, but there were situations where we were naked together, either eating dinner or watching TV, but many of the times I either had on my robe or a long shirt, mainly with no underwear, however, to get in a quick masturbation session if need be.

Yesterday though, I got up a little earlier than normal and went downstairs to get my coffee started, and I saw him laying on the couch with one of his magazines and he was slowly masturbating. He didn't notice me at first but he was startled a little and apologized for doing it on the couch and was about to get up. I thought about it for a second and then told him 'no, go ahead, it's ok.' 'Really?' 'Sure...just don't get anything on the couch' with a little smile. 'OK, thanks mom.'

He then leaned back and started stroking again in front of me. I left and went into the kitchen and when my coffee was ready I sat at the table sipping it for a minute, and I could hear him breathing heavier and flipping pages. Just the thought of him masturbating right there was getting me incredibly horny, so quietly I untied my robe and lifted one foot onto the edge of the table, leaving myself wide open and started playing with my clit. It seemed a little strange, both of us masturbating like we were, but I couldn't help it...I needed an orgasm.

I tried to make it as quick and silent as possible, and I was getting pretty close when I heard him moving more on the couch and then heard him whisper to himself 'oh yeah...cummin'...shit yes...' That set off my own orgasm, head thrown back, toes clutching the edge of the table. It felt so good and I was so enthralled in the orgasm sweeping over me that I didn't even hear him get up and walk over my way. I must have turned the deepest shade of red when I noticed him there and quickly pulled my robe shut, but it didn't matter, he already saw me in the middle of my own cum. Almost embarrassed, he looked towards our feet and said 'sorry, I just needed to throw this away, I didn't mean to...', used tissue in hand. I told him 'it's OK, I do it just like you do...no big deal', just so he knew that everything was all right and I wasn't mad. He smiled and tossed his tissue in the trash can and went back upstairs with his magazine. Just from the situation I was horny all over again, but I thought it would be best just to let it pass that time.

The rest of the morning went on and I needed a shower after doing a little yard work, and afterwards I laid in bed to watch some TV, staying comfy and naked. I was there for probably 20 minutes when my son walked in and said he needed to talk to me about something. I said OK and he sat down at my feet and asked me how much masturbation is too much. He said that he knows all his friends do it and most have said they do it once or twice a day, but he was embarrassed because he does it four, sometimes five times. He wanted to talk to me for a while about it but was scared to talk about it. I was a little shocked at the question, but I could tell that it bothered him so I sat up and started the discussion. First I told him that they were probably lying about it and that boys his age do it more than once per day and that he's going to be masturbating a lot. I also told him that he can do it as many times as he wants to, as long as he felt good about himself. We stood up and I told him that he was growing up and that he is going to have urges and needs, and that it's OK act upon them, and that no one else but him can decide when or how often he should masturbate. He smiled and thanked me, then hugged me. I kissed the top of his head and told him I was glad he came to me and that if he had any other questions he could ask me at any time. He said OK and then made his way out the door.

I don't know what it was, but instantly I felt that need again and wanted to masturbate, so this time I closed my door for some privacy and grabbed my vibrator from the night stand. I curled up with my hand between my legs and buzzed away at my wet pussy. I didn't stop until I had two deep, groaning orgasms that left me squirming on my bed. I wiped off with the bed sheet and eventually made my way downstairs, but now with a little more spring in my step. The rest of the night, aside from my new exploration of nudism, went on like any other night.



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