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Walked in on My Son - Pt 3

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Well, for the past few days I was trying to talk myself into stripping down and walking around the house naked, but every time I would either back down or think that it wasn't the right time.

Today, though, it was kind of a rainy afternoon and I thought about it, and it was the perfect opportunity to just do it without making it seem like there was something going on in my head. After I got home I made it seem like I forgot about getting the mail, but in reality it was just going to be the excuse for me to get out of my clothes. I made a comment about how it was still in the box, so I pulled my socks off and made my way out to get it, being sure to get the rain on as much of me as possible. When I got back inside I was pretty wet so I called for my son and asked him to bring me my robe and a laundry basket and he did (nude, of course). He went back to the living room and I took a deep breath, then stripped off all my wet clothes right there by the front door so I wouldn't get water all over the floor. I put on my robe and took my wet clothes downstairs to the dryer and threw them in, just staying there because it wasn't going to take long.

I was there for maybe 10 minutes before taking them out, but before I walked off with them I untied my robe and walked back upstairs exposed, but with the basket in front of me, making sure that he saw me the way I was. My heart was absolutely pounding by the time I got upstairs and I was dripping wet. I put down the basket and fingered myself leaning against my bed, cumming in about a minute. I stood there for a few seconds until I calmed down, wiping myself off and then said to myself that this was it, pulled on my slippers and went downstairs, robe wide open. I couldn't believe I was actually doing it, and I was short of breath before I even made it to the living room. When my son saw me he had kind of a surprised look on his face and asked me 'not getting dressed?' 'Nah, no sense in getting more clothes dirty today.' 'Oh, Ok.' With that I went into the kitchen and collected myself. My son saw me naked! It wasn't quite as nerve-racking as I thought it was going to be, but I could tell I was already getting wet again. I wiped off with the inside of my robe and started working on dinner.

The evening went on and eventually we were watching TV in the living room. I was kind of curled up on the end of the couch looking at a magazine and he was in the recliner with his feet up. The way I was sitting there my robe slid off of me so my thigh, side and part of my rear was out in the open. I was a little chilly, but not too bad. I was trying not to pay too much attention to him, but when he said he would be right back I looked up and he had an erection, like so often. I just smiled and said OK, and he went upstairs. Just knowing that he was going to masturbate, as soon as he was out of sight I set my magazine down and spread out, rubbing myself off on the couch. I couldn't really get into it because I had to pay attention to when he was coming back, but I had a nice little orgasm before making sure I was back like I was. When he came back down he looked relaxed, and I just knew that he had a great cum. The rest of our evening went on without incident, and when I came upstairs for the night I had to walk right in front of him, my naked front fully on display.

It's been about an hour now and I still can't believe that I actually let my son see me naked. I still don't think I could ever masturbate in front of him, but I think seeing each other like we were was a big step forward in my being more comfortable with myself, and even though I don't think it's going to be an every day thing, I know now that there's nothing I need to be worried about. Just get naked and be comfortable! Right now my robe is hanging up and I am sitting here just wearing my slippers, and I can say I haven't felt as free as I do right now in quite some time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to get out my vibrator and have myself another orgasm, but this time not worrying about making it quick or quiet. Goodnight, everyone.



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