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Walk Home from School With My Friend (1)

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I love my best friend. This happened when I was 14 back in High School.


The bell rang after a long, boring tiring day at school. My best friend, let's call her Jade, and I, usually walk home from school together, as we live in the same housing estate and it isn't far.

It was a hot summer's day, and we were sweaty, as the classrooms didn't have any fans or anything. At the side of the housing estate fence is an abandoned club, with lots of bushes around it, a hole in the fence allows access to the building.

She suggested we go inside for a look. We felt so naughty and dangerous as we climbed through the hole on all fours. She went first. As she climbed through the hole I could see up her skirt. Not that this was unusual for me, we go down to the beach all the time, and we've had sleepover's before, we've seen each other in our underwear, but we have never made any sexual contact or seen each other naked.

This actually made me think about seeing her naked. I'm not a lesbian or anything but thinking about her started to turn me on. Jade has perky small tits and a great ass, I guess. Her lips looked so kissable...

So we went through the hole into the club car park. We walked up to the club itself. Jade suggested we have a look. I climbed in first, she followed after me.

The adrenaline was pumping, it was fun, breaking into this abandoned club. Inside it was dark, no light, so I pulled out my phone and used it's torch to see. There was a dance floor, lots of tables, chairs, but besides that the place was deserted. There was an empty buffet, and an empty kitchen.

We stayed in there for about 15 minutes mucking around until we just sat down and talked about funny stuff, listening to music. After a while she said to me.

'Do you ever, umm.. touch yourself?'.

We both giggled...

'Yeah... I guess' I came back to her rather shy...

'Well I do it too' Jade said rather seductively to me.

'Okay then!' I said.

Jade crawled over to me and wrapped her arm around me, with her other hand rubbing on my thigh..

'Jaime, do you ever, get, turned on by other girls?'

I was kinda shocked. I never thought this would come out of her mouth. I didn't know what to say. I just kind of kissed her at that point. Tongue in mouth, very passionately. I didn't know what I was doing. She succumbed to it, next thing I knew I felt a hand rise up my skirt to rub my panties.

The fingers kept rubbing.

Not long after I just stood up and took off my school shirt, bra, and panties, leaving my skirt and socks on.

Jade just lay their on the ground, licking her lips, as she took her shirt off and bra, began to rub her nipples.

I got down on all fours and slid off her panties.

I licked her nipples and her fingers, and sucked on them. So so supple.

My fingers reached into her pussy, slowly fingering while I looked into her eyes..

She was smiling, every now and again she'd moan. It wasn't long until she had a very loud orgasm. Pussy juices dripped down to the floor, she lay their exhausted.

I wanted a turn.

I jumped up onto the buffet table and spread my legs.

Jade got up.

She said 'Hang on, I might be able to find something to help us!'

I giggled.

I lay there, legs spread. While I was waiting I rubbed my pussy in anticipation.

When she came back, in her hand was a long spoon. The handle stood out to me, It was nice and long, the right diameter, and I certainly knew what it was for.

To be Continued...



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