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Waiting in Line for Space Mountain

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During the summer of 1990, when I was 28-yrs-old, my immediate family, my parents, brothers and sisters with their respective spouses and off-springs went to a big theme park for a week.

One early evening I took my four pre-teen nieces into the park to ride the space mountain roller coaster. The line was long and eventually we made our way inside. The roller coaster is in a building and there is very little light inside. The line winds back and forth. My nieces were in front of me and I had my hands behind my back resting on my butt with one hand clasping the other and the other with fingers sticking out away from me.

Behind me there were some older girls around fifteen to seventeen years old (I guess). I did not pay much attention to them until one of them bumped into me. The first time it was just a little bump but like it was an accident so no big deal. Soon we were at one of the serpentine turns in the line and this time the bump was not an accident. Not only was it not an accident but my fingers were pushed right into her crotch. I was in shock. I did not move nor did she for what seemed like 30 seconds. The line moved and I moved away from her. I glanced back and I could barely make out a slender grinning teenager. She was blonde with pert breasts. I later found out that she had on a white terry tank top and light blue terry shorts.

Well a few more movements of the line and she again moved her terry clothed covered pussy into position on my extended fingers. This time the shock was replaced by a firmness in my shorts and in my fingers. Now she was slightly moving against my rigid fingers. I couldn't believe this horny little teenager was rubbing on my fingers. My nieces were occasionally asking me questions about this that and the other and I was totally distracted. When they asked me a question I would bend forward causing my hand to ride up tighter into her crotch. The girl was pushing to get more friction. The line moved and reluctantly I again broke contact with her.

My hands remained in position but she failed to reposition herself on them. The line moved again and once again nothing. I was wondering if the little game was over before I really could fathom what had occurred. The line moved again and still nothing. My cock was at full attention once the realisation of a horny teenager who capitalized on an anonymous adventure fully sunk in. I was thinking that she must have decided the risk was too high. The line moved a few more times and up to another serpentine turn. Then she made contact with my fingers again. This time I noticed the wetness of her shorts on my fingers immediately. Then I felt her pull away and felt her hand brush against my fingers then my fingers made direct contact with her pussy. Her pussy was soaked. She had pulled the leg of her shorts to the side and put my fingers directly on her pussy.

All four of my nieces were less than arms reach from me and my fingers were working into the wet folds of the entrance to her vagina. I became light headed and so unbelievably horny. I prayed that the line would never move again. She was rocking on my fingers and I decided to curve my finger up into her. When I did this, I felt her breath gasp out into my ear. We were close to the roller coaster and the noise covered up all the sounds escaping from her. I pushed my finger in as far as possible and there was no resistance, I tried to move my finger to her gentle rocking. She was making my hand completely wet. It was collecting in the palm of my hand. I then felt her hand come down between her pussy and my palm. Then I felt her fingernail digging into my palm as she vigorously rubbed her clitoris. This lasted about three seconds and she pulled my finger out of her just as the line started to move again. I kept my hands behind my back but she had got her thrill and there was not anymore contact.

My hand was cool from the wetness. When we started to climb the stairs to the loading platform I brought my hands in front of me. I put my fingers under my nose and smelled the most beautiful pussy smell in the whole world. I couldn't stop smelling it. How I wanted to turn around yank down her shorts and finger her young cunt. My cock was throbbing like when I was a teenager. I remember it hurt it was so hard. I inhaled over and over while my other hand subconsciously started to rub my cock. The roller coaster screeched to a halt above me and snapped me out of my trance. I couldn't wait to relieve myself but it would have to wait. I forced my fingers away from my nose. Whenever I thought I could handle it and to be sure this was not a dream, I smelled my fingers again. It rekindled the lust all over again. I don't remember the roller coaster ride but I sure remember the wait. I do not think I washed that hand for a month. Ha ha. I still get extremely hard today when I think about it. I love that something unbelievable happened to me and that a girl could get so horny that she let her pussy control her. I wish that girl would read this story and write her version. Come all. Come often.



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