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Waiting for Miss Right

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Growing up I was always the heaviest kid. I was called a lot of names and while it hurt I never punched anyone out. In high school I played football and wrestled. In wrestling I lost a lot of weight but couldn't keep it off. When I went to college I put on weight fast. Every summer I worked at a fat camp and lost some weight. I then gained it back during the following year. My junior year I dated a girl for a week. I thought she liked me but it was a sorority prank. I went into a shell and stayed that way until the next year. During the summer I met a girl at the fat camp and thought I had found someone. We fooled around a lot but she never wanted to go all the way. After camp was over she went back to college and hooked up the first night with a guy she liked from the previous year. I felt like a loser and went back into my shell and ate everything I could.

One Sunday night while reading NY times I saw an article about computers and new services. I saw one that I heard about in a class and called my father to find out about it. A few days later I bought $ 5,000.00 worth of penny stock. My father told me I was crazy and I told him the world is going to go computer crazy soon. After graduation I worked one last year at the fat camp and just tried to lose weight before going on job interviews. It was slow going and I found a part time job at a book store. After 4 months at the store I was asked to interview about management. I went thru the interviewing process and landed the job. My father thought it wasn't smart but I told him I needed to make some money and learn these things in order to move up. In 3 years I was the manager of the store in my hometown. It was a nice store and I had a lot of people under me. By the fall of 1999 I started thinking about cashing in on my stocks. I talked to a family friends and he thought the market was due for a correction. I waited until mid December and sold everything. I made a bundle and only told my parents how much I made. I asked them if they needed anything and my father laughed. He told me he took what I said about computers and talked to a few guys who use them at work and they said they were the wave of the future. I asked how much he spent and he said $20,000.00. I laughed and said sell. He told me he did after I told him I was selling. All I could say was holy sh*t. My dad said he should have said it earlier but good eye.

I had no idea what to do with the money and did nothing. I was still living in a 1 bedroom apartment. I had no credit card bills, I bought a car and paid everything in full. My only problem was again my weight. I had lost and regained weight ever few years. In September I went to a gym in town and joined. I decided to get a trainer, but wanted a female trainer. I was assigned to Beth. Beth had long brown hair, stood about 5'8" and took no shit. The first day she weighed me and said I was very out of shape. I told her I knew. She took all my measurements and said I was over 30% body fat. She gave me a workout and we did it. I was tired and hurt but never gave her any grief.

One day I was working out and it was late at night. Beth was tired and so was I she was yelling at me all night and got so mad she removed her shirt and was wearing a sports bra. Her nipples were hard and she was covered with sweat and I did the two final set with lust in my eyes. Beth asked how I did that and I told her looking at her chest. Beth looked down and saw her nipples were hard and she was sweating. She asked if I liked her body and I said her body and her. I told her sorry and she said no problem. She then said she liked me too. I asked her enough to go on a date. Beth said yes but not yet. Over the next few months Beth pushed me as hard as she could. Some other members said she looked like she was trying to hurt you. I said no just helping me lose weight. In about 9 months I was under 200 lbs. I was happy and Beth said I could be 180 if I wanted.

One night I was having a really bad workout. Nothing Beth did was helping. We were downstairs and we were the last two in the place. She was closing up. Beth asked what was wrong. I told her I didn't know. We had gone on a few dates and had a good time. Beth even saw my place and had stayed over. We were still taking it slowly. Beth smiled and took off her shirt and then sweatpants. We had slept like this so it wasn't anything new to me. Then Beth told me if I give her four more good sets I would see her naked. I looked up and Beth said yes you would see me naked. I started to rise and Beth said I could get naked too. I gave her the four hardest sets I ever did. Beth stripped me naked and then herself and took me into the ladies room. She let me touch her all over and I said I would kill to have you right now. Beth said I did kill on the weights and I was all yours. We showered and then kissed and Beth went to her knees and sucked me off. When I fired off my cum Beth told me I have been saving up. I did the same to Beth and she had an screaming orgasm that was amazing.

I walked her to her car and Beth said this weekend after the Saturday morning workout we are going right to my place for extra work. My Saturday workout was intense and soon Beth was naked in my bed. I loved how she looked. Making love to her was amazing. After the first time I told her she was my first. Beth asked if I was kidding and I told her I had never had sex with a women before. l then asked if she felt about me the way I felt about her. Beth got quite and said she didn't when she first saw me and how heavy I was. I almost quit on you a few times but you always made me laugh and smile. Beth then said now I am happy I stayed on and enjoy being with you.

In a few weeks I told Beth I was looking for a house to buy and needed her opinion. We looked at a few and Beth always found something wrong with it. Finally we saw a house that had everything in it she thought was needed. A big kitchen, 4 bedrooms, a master bath, a basement, a deck, big yard and a pool. She loved it. I put a bid on the house and the next day told Beth someone else bought it. We still looked around and Beth said she still loved the other house. Three weeks later we went to see the other house and I asked Beth what changed she would make in every room. After we were in the basement she told me she would make this a workout room. She told me what equipment she would buy and where she would put them. How she would open up a personal fitness studio down here and train clients. I asked her if she would really do that. Beth said I would if I owned this house. We went upstairs and I told her I wanted to show her the master bedroom again. When she opened the door their was a sign that said would you marry me. When Beth turned I was on my knee with a ring. Beth said yes and jumped on my and kissed my face. After we got up I told I was buying the house. Beth asked how and I told her I was the high bidder. I then said we need to get married in a few weeks so the house is in both our names.

In two weeks we had a small wedding with her family and mine and a few workers from the bookstore and the gym. One day later we signed for the house. As I carried Beth into the house I had another surprise. We went into the basement through a door and her studio was built. Beth started to cry and said how can we afford this. I showed her my net wealth and said I had the money. Beth stripped and then stripped me down naked and we made out on the studio floor, then in the kitchen, master bedroom and finally in the pool. We were relaxing in the whirlpool and I told her about the stock market and I have money for a few years and no one to spend it on.

Over the next few years and three kids later we have filled our house with love. Beth has a thriving business and loved working from home.

Her clients loves the state of the art machines. I love late at night when the kids are asleep and we go downstairs and work out. Beth still pushed me hard and later in bed I push back into her.



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