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Waiting at the Window

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Bobby and I get hard-ons waiting for a glimpse of the girl next door, and get off every time.


Waiting for Louella,
I was first introduced to masturbating by my friend Bobby. We were in the fifth grade, and good friends. I'd stay over at his house often. One day, I don't remember the exact conversation, but it turned out he'd been playing with himself for a month or two and he was excited to tell me about it. I'd had orgasms, hard-ons and like that, but I didn't know you could officially masturbate, on purpose. Bobby had already discovered lots of things to do, and he showed me.
We did it under the covers of our own beds. Pretty soon, I was a regular at jackin' and I stayed over at Bobby's often. A girl our age lived next door. Her name was Louella and she had about as big breasts as anyone we knew. One night, in Bobby's room, he told me excitedly he'd seen Lou through the window in just her bra! Wow! He'd been watching her window every night since, and that night we went to his room and took up stations at his window. We waited a long time. He told me over and over what she looked like, and we though for sure we'd see her breasts. We waited a long time, and then her bedroom light went on. We watched, breathless, hearts pounding.......and then....her lights went out.
We were disappointed, but undaunted. We got into our own beds and, excitedly telling each other what we MIGHT see next time, we both spurted cum over our bellies, and then did it again, and again.
The next time I stayed over, Bobby had scored the night before-Lou in her bra and panties!--and we sat by the window hot and excited. We talked and talked while we were waiting. We fantasized and we got excited and horny. We rubbed ourselves through our pants. We were both hot. Whispering by the window, we turned ourselves on.
The light went on. Our breath stopped. Louella appeared, fully clothed, and then disappeared. The bathroom light went on, but we couldn't see into the bathroom. We waited. The bathroom light went off, and Louella appeared again. We caught a flicker of Lou in her bra, then she was gone. Then she stepped briefly into view, her breasts exposed while she picked up her nightie and put it on. Then off went the lights.
Bobby and I were totally excited!!!
We both jumped into bed to play with our hard dicks. We hardly said anything, just stroked. 'Did you come?' 'Yeah, you?' 'Yeah, wow!' Then we beat again. After two or three climaxes, we began talking again, remembering what we'd seen, and feeling the excitement between our legs.
We must have stood watch on Louella thirty or forty times. It was rare we ever saw her, perhaps one in five vigils, but the waiting became tremendously exciting. Bobby and I would sit there, hot with anticipation, and share this mutual turn-on. Gradually, we lost our shyness...first we rubbed our dicks through our pants, then our hands went inside, then the zippers opened, and soon we were there by the window, in the almost dark, gently stroking ourselves in full view of each other, while we waited for a glimpse of Lou's breasts with their big nipples, or her panties and thighs.
Without every saying anything, our stroking was synchronized, sometimes soft and quiet, sometimes hard. We watched each other get hard. Several times each watch, we'd have to stop touching and cool down so we wouldn't cum--the unspoken rule was that we wouldn't cum until we'd seen Lou, and the unspoken thrill was that our dicks were stiff and hot the whole time, our voices were low and excited, and our imaginations wild. Sometimes it would be an hour or even two before we jumped into bed and finished ourselves off! The longer we waited the more thrilling it was, and the bigger and wetter our orgasms.
Unfortunately, our family moved to an apartment in another town. I visited Bobby a couple of times, and we of course managed to masturbate together, but nothing to compare with the hot, hot times we had sitting at the window waiting for Lou.



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