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Waited for so Long

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I am, and always have been, very shy. At school I was never popular, I think most people thought I was a geek. However, my next door neighbour Sarah was the most popular girl in the school, and we had always been friends.

It wasn't until I was about 12 that I understood why she was so popular. It wasn't so much that she was beautiful, more that she had some sort of sexy charisma. All the boys asked her out, and I was very jealous. Not just because they were more interested in her than me, but also because she was more interested in them than me. Because we lived next door, and my family were good friends with Sarah's, we spent a lot of time together. We talked a lot about boys, I had never had a boyfriend and she would tell me what she had done with her's. I got so turned on imagining myself doing the same things with Sarah, all my masturbation fantisies were about her. I was so obsessed I used to try and peer through our windows to see her getting changed. Unfortunately the only window in our house that faced her bedroom was my parents bedroom, and I didn't want my parents to cautch me perving on a girl.

Anyway, getting to the story.

One weekend when I was seventeen my parents went away for the weekend with Sarah's. We had told our parents that we would do something together, but Sarah really planned to spend the weekend with her boyfriend.

Soon after our parents left Sarah came round, she was dressed up to go out and looked amazing. My heart thumped seeing her look like that. I assumed she was on her way out, but she told me that her boyfriend had some reason why he couldn't see her. She seemed less annoyed than I would have expected.

She came in and we sat and chatted about nothing much. Soon Sarah said she felt a bit silly being so dressed up, so I jokingly suggested she borrow some of my clothes. She agreed which really suprised me as she would not normally be seen dead in the clothes I wear. We went up to my room and I told her put on anything she wanted whilst I went to the toilet.

I was so turned on by the idea of Sarah wearing my clothes, on the toilet I touched myself imagining Sarah stripping in my room. I had to hurry back scared that Sarah would guess why I was taking so long. I walked quickly into my room, looked across and saw Sarah standing naked. I had never seen her naked before and didn't know what to do, I briefly starred at her beautiful body, said sorry and turned to leave.

As I turned Sarah stepped towards me and said 'It's OK'. I stopped dead, I was so turned on, but also so embarressed. I was convinced she couldn't mean anything sexual. My pants were sodden and all I could smell was my juices. I knew that Sarah would realise how much I fancied her and would be disgusted.

I turned round, Sarah was admiring herself in my mirror. She caught my eye and said 'I want to see your body'. It sounded serious, but I was sure she was half joking. She walked past me towards the toilet and said, 'When I get back I hope you'll be naked'. I started to undress, I was still convincing myself Sarah didn't mean anything, but just the hope was getting me so excited. I stripped down to my underwear, but I was too uncomfortable to get naked. I heard the toilet flush, and footstep head towards my room. I caught a sight of my reflection and to my horror noticed that the blue pants I was wearing made it obvious how wet I was. I quickly pulled tham off and stuffed them down the back of a cupboard. As Sarah walked in I pretended to be casually removing my bra.

Sarah sat down on my bed. Feeling very exposed stood naked I quickly went and sat down on the other side. Very quickly I realised that I couldn't move or Sarah would see the wet patch I had left. We chatted about stuff, but I was so self conscious I don't remember what. On several occasions I thought I saw Sarah starring at my body, but didn't really believe it.

Finally Sarah said she was getting tired and had to lie down. She lay down where she was right on the edge of the bed. I told her not to be silly and that there was plenty of room. She slowly moved over, revealing an enormous wet patch where she had been sat. She looked at me with an expression as embarassed as I had been earlier. Immeditally I lay down next to her.

Sarah's self confidence seemed to have completely disappeared, but to see her like that made mine grow. I couldn't resist leaning forward and kissing her. She passionately returned the kiss, it was my first real kiss and it was amazing. Immediataly my hands started exploring her body, sliding first down her back, all over her bum and then down her leg. As I started to run my hand back up her in inner thigh I could feel us both trembling.

Whereas usually Sarah seem so confident now she seemed so unsure, it made me feel in control. I whispered in her ear 'Please touch me'. Slowly she slid her hand to my breasts and carressed my nipples, her hand carried on down and came to rest on my inner thigh.

Slowly I slid my hand up her thigh and she mirrored my action. I moved my forefinger until it rested on her clit, and she did the same. Slowly I slid my finger backwards and forwards, and I felt Sarah do the same. I was so close to orgasm, but I didn't want to come yet. Gently I slid a finger into Sarah's pussy, and she did the same. Now Sarah took the lead and inserted another finger then a third, I was shaking as I copied her. As I approached orgasm Sarah slipped her fingers out. I was suprised as I felt her start to gently stroke my asshole, I was very suprised as she started to push her finger firmly against my ass. Suddenly her finger slid inside me, it felt wonderful. I thought I better copy Sarah and slid my fingers out of her pussy, I pressed two fingers against her ass and felt her tense as they slid inside her.

I was so close to cumming, we were both thrusting our hips against each other. Sarah's other hand was rubbing my clit and mine hers, I could feel we were both tensing, about to cum. Sarah screamed, and came, this immediataly made me follow. We both collapsed arms around each other exhausted.

We chatted a lot that night, it turned out that Sarah has a lot of stories. I might try and persuade her to post some....



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