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When I was a young girl I was quiet and polite, always did what my mom and dad said, played with my little group of friends and kept away from dirty, smelly boys as much as possible.

When I turned 13...nothing seemed to be any different from the outside except that my tits started to grow and I began to develop a shape. I seemed the same polite and helpful girl. On the inside, though, I was a raging cauldron of hormones. Behind the innocent brown eyes my hot little brain was filled with assorted lewd sex acts and male body parts of cartoon like size, and I masturbated three or four times a day, usually sitting on a john somewhere, either at home or school as my bedroom was shared with my little sister and had no lock.

I had no access to porn of course and would have died of embarrasssment if I'd been found looking for it. I had to improvise, and any magazine which had a picture of a beautiful male body, shirtless or with a noticeable pants bulge or cock outline (or seemed to have to my horny little eyes), served the purpose and was smuggled into the bathroom.

My friend Sarah also 'whacked crack' as she called it, she came from the kind of family where masturbation was discussed openly and she and they fascinated and embarrassed me equally. I used to love to come over to her house because she had three older brothers who were so beautiful I couldn't help gawp at them with my mouth open, much to Sarah's amusement. She would tell me stories about them whenever we had one of our horny, sweaty little coversations abot sex, (sitting in a pool of pussy juice, with periodic trips to the bathroom to rub one out). These usually involved catching them in the nude or jerking off, with detailed descriptions of their hard dicks or bare butts. The stories used to drive me crazy. 'Going to whack it, huh?' she would say in the middle of her laughing fit whenever it got too much for me and I had to 'go to the bathroom'.

The elder brother Josh was about 26 and used to like teasing me too. He was about 6' 4' with great muscles and a tiny, tight ass, those hard flexing butt-cheeks featured heavily in my 'spank bank' whenever a stroked my sticky little kitty. Once he caught me staring at his bulge (which was the biggest of the three, so it seemed to my expert eyes); he grabbed it and waggled it, then winked at me with an amused look on his face. Instead of being mortified that he'd caught me I was incredibly turned on. For the next month 'waggle-wink-waggle-wink-waggle-wink' would play like a piece of film on a loop in my head every time I masturbated! After that he always seemed to be adjusting himself for my benefit, so the outline of his dick was clearer or it hung longer, always with that little wink that nobody else noticed. I think he knew just how crazy he was driving me.



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