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Wacking for Friends

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This was so much fun.


On the weekends I usually hang out with my best friend, his girl friend Ashley, her friend Lacey, and sometimes some other friends. We have known each other for several years and enjoy each others company. We are very open with each other and can talk about anything. We aren't afraid to show anything either, Casey and I streak or moon the girls all the time.

One night we were talking about masturbation, what feels good, how often we do it, etc. They always laugh at me because I do some pretty crazy stuff to get off. I try lots of techniques from this site! Any way as we are talking about this we were in a grocery store, near the row with condoms, lubes, pregnancy tests, etc.

Casey and I, being jokers, rushed over and started looking at all the products and laughing. We used to jack off in his backyard naked with lube. I had not used lube since then. So jokingly I said I was going to buy some. The girls just laughed and so did Casey. They didn't believe me so I bought it to surprise them, not intending to use it that night. We left the store and started driving around wasting time like we usually do. When we got on the edge of town by the land we hang out at I decided to shock them even more. I jokingly said well no-one's around I think I'll get a little more comfortable. I took off my shirt. Lacy laughed and hit me in the arm and told me to put my shirt back on.

When we got to the land I got out and ran in front of the headlights and started stripping the rest of the way. At first they all laughed and flashed the brights at me but when I got totally naked they were shocked at how open I was tonight. They said to quit and get back in the car. So I picked up my clothes and got in the car. They are all laughing now and telling me to get dressed but I won't do it. Lacey is nervously taking glances at my member. I told her she sure was looking at me a lot for someone that wanted me to put my clothes back on.

Lacey and I have kind of liked each other for a few years but we never have taken it past flirting. I don't think she's ever had a boyfriend. I ask her if she's ever had a lesson on how to jack a guy off. She said no and I don't want one either. I said ok suit yourself and shot some lube into my hand and started wacking. Ashley and Casey are trying to be serious and tell me to quit but they are smirking and Lacy is covering her eyes. I told them I'm not touching any of you and I'm not hurting anything I won't make a mess so don't look if you don't want to see.

Lacey hits pretty hard and she turns to sock me in the shoulder. I dodge but her second swing hits me in the side and sort of knocks the air out of me. I hop out of the car to escape the beating and get on the hood facing them. I resume jacking and they sort of tune me out now that they got me out of the car.

Ashley and Casey are always trying to get me and Lacey to hook up and they tell her to go out and finish me off. She is beet-red from all of this, and I think she's wanted to all along. I get myself close to the point of no return and tell Lacey it won't take long, ten strokes maybe. Finally they dare her to do it and she's said you guys are going to owe me.

I scoot to the side of the hood and tell her to get more lube from the tube in the floor board. She returns and I take her hand and show her the standard stroke. I move her hand with mine until I think she's got it and let go. When I lay back to enjoy I see that Casey and Ashley are making out in the car. Lacey says 'oh my gosh I can't believe what we're doing.'

A few minutes later I am cumming on my stomach and Lacey is flinging her hand to get the cum off her hand. I hop off the car and say thank you, you're very good. She says don't mention it in a mono-tone voice and we get in the car. When we get in Casey is fingering Ashley like crazy and her eyes are squinted shut. Casey looks up and says you should return the favor. I turn to Lacy and smile.

She declined at first but on the way home she tapped me and said do it but it doesn't leave the car. I agreed and she pulled her pants down. She had a cute little shaven pussy and I rubbed it like crazy until she was squirming and said stop. After that we dropped Lacey off and then me.

I don't know what came over me that night I was just excited. I don't think they really minded because the whole time they were saying stop and quit, they were looking and laughing. I don't think I'm a sick person for wanting to show off for them. Maybe Lacey and I will have more adventures.



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