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Voyeuristic Tendencies

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I am not necessarily proud of my behavior at 16, but girls will be girls.

When I was 15 my mom and dad got divorced. My dad was a jerk so I did not really miss him, but he had been paying all the bills and suddenly money was tight. He moved out and mom and I stayed in our big house. This meant we had to turn my old playroom, a converted guest room above the garage with its own bathroom and separate entrance, into a studio apartment. The playroom, which I had used since I was a baby, was hard to give up, but I still had a decent sized bedroom.

Workmen put in a small kitchen and they sealed and put dead bolt locks on both sides of the door that led from my bedroom to the apartment. But the weird thing was that they put a slotted vent in my walk-in closet because they said it was needed to circulate air between the rooms. The first time I went into my closet, while they were still there working, I noticed that if I stood on a chair I could see through the the vent and the narrow wall. There was a clear view from the closet to the apartment.

Well, this got me excited, when I thought that I could entertain my voyeuristic tendencies. When my mom started interviewing people to rent the apartment, she asked if I wanted to help. I said sure I do! We had talked about renting to a woman, but I was so hoping it would be a guy. Soon we had decided on a good looking boy, a college sophomore who went to school nearby. His name was Rick, and he was on the swim team. Mom thought it would be good to have a strong male in the house to ward off intruders, even if we had little contact with him. If she only knew.

As soon as he moved in, I was standing in the dark on a chair in the closet watching him unpack. Rick stayed for two semesters before my mom started making enough money so that we could transform the room back into a guest room. But by the time he left, I fell in lust with Rick. That year I spent more hours standing on that chair with my hand inside my panties than I did sleeping. I also found out that cute guys were perfectly human. He farted and picked his nose and scratched his balls and ass, acts that both shocked and comforted me. Still, I got a great education about guys, I was an only child, discovering that they were pretty much like girls. But the best part was watching him masturbate, which was pure heaven for me. He would watch porn that he would buy or rent, and lie on the bed and stroke himself for long periods. This was amazing to me. I used to watch and play with myself, just standing nude on the chair in my closet and toying with my clit until he would start to play with himself, which he did almost every night before he went to sleep. I tried to orgasm with him, but usually I had to come more than once, masturbating again in my own bed. You could say I was obsessed with Rick's dick

When he got a girlfriend I got to watch them have sex, which was also a real education and cause and inspiration for my masturbation. My mom thought I was a strange girl, spending so much time in my room, but she also thought I was studying. In a way, I was studying. Heh, heh, heh. I longed for Rick to see me masturbate too, but he never really seemed to notice me, besides saying 'hi' when we ran into each other. Still, I was turned on constantly my junior year of high school, watching Rick pull on that nice long cock of his, imagining him doing everything possible to me.

One thing I regret, besides not throwing my nude, nubile body on Rick's bed, is that I told a good friend about my secret, and she wanted to come over all the time and watch with me. But there are many good masturbation recollections here for SoloTouch. Although I must stop for now and attend to my very wet pussy and sensitive clit, maybe I will recount some of them here anonymously.



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